Eagle Y6 mapping drone

We are happy to present the EAGLE  Y6 mapping drone, a turnkey solution for mapping based on the Y6 drone from 3DR with our own touch, aimed to professional users. 

The Eagle Y6 multirotor mapping system is designed to create professional ultra-high resolution DEMs and orthomosaics with minimal effort and cero experience, and with high predictability.

Each unit is delivered flight tested and tuned to perfection, so the user can repeatedly create and run missions with the flip of a single switch, fully autonomously from takeoff to landing. 

The standard sensor is one of the very best optics combinations for mapping: Sony Nex 5 camera with super wide angle rectilinear lens (does not distort images), but multiple sensors are available with hot swappable payload mounts and trigger modules . Trigger is automatically controlled, distance or waypoint based.

Some sensors that are available now are:




- Multiespectral  (almost all Tetracam cameras are also supported)

- More sensors will be added soon... 

No experience is necessary. We include a detailed User Manual, with step-by-step samples, videos and lots of pictures to get the user flying in no time, but Training also optionally available in Ontario, Canada, where the headquarters are located.

It is delivered ready to fly, even includes the laptop so not even software downloads are required. Just charge batteries and go fly.

 As an average, it can cover up to 60 has (0,6 sq.km) per flight, at 120 m with a ground resolution of 4cm/pixel with the standard Sony Nex 5 camera included. 

We are also Agisoft dealers and offer the Photoscan Pro, which is an ideal complement for the Eagle Y6.

Some of the features of the Photoscan pro are:

  • Aerial and close-range triangulation
  • Point cloud generation (sparse / dense)
  • Polygonal      model generation (plain / textured)
  • Setting      coordinate system
  • Digital      Elevation Model (DEM) generation
  • True      orthophoto generaton
  • Georeferencing      using flight log and / or GCPs
  • Multispectral      imagery processing
  • 4D      reconstruction for dynamic scenes
  • Python      scripting support

 More information can be found at our website at www.appliedairborne.com

More details here:



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  • What exactly is the difference between a "Film" lens and a "Digital" lens?  I know this is all the rage these days with all photographic equipment, even tripods "Made for Digital".

  • No longer produced? so how come we can get them easily? Made in Japan

  • Ronin, can you mention a better lens?

  • Guys, the big problem I see here (and do your homework) is the integration of the Voitlander (albeit a very nice lens) with the Sony is simply....an old technology lens (no longer produced since '09) developed for "film" cameras not "digital" i.e. (Sony). Please read up on the Voitlander lens.

  • Set to infinity

  • How do you make sure that the images are in focus? Is it manual focus with the focus ring all the way to infinity focus? Or do you need different focus according to mission height?
  • ...the camera alone with lens and adapter costs $1,500

  • @ Alan: I invite you to actually do the math, just adding the parts (our cost) you'll get a figure of roughly $6,000, only parts.

    Let`s start with the optics: I invite you to do the research on the comparison on canon point and shoot cameras against sony Nex 5 with Voigtlander lens.  Is all about optics to start with, and you will find a huge difference in quality and area coverage, image distortion, etc...  among these two cameras.

    Remember to add/mention the Manual we have created (made for users with absolutely zero experience with UAVs or RC), the fact we test flight each and every unit on various full survey missions before delivery,  the rain cover, and the swapable camera mounts which is designed for many sensors (the list of sensors will be constantly expanding), the DX8 (not a turnigy 9X which we don't recommend for UAV use).

    Also, have into account the 1 year customer service we offer. 

    Hey, also a company exists to make some profits right? after paying the taxes of course....


  • Just trying to figure out how you justify the price tag!!

    3DR Y6.....?

    Sony Nex5 ..........?

    Voigtlander 15mm lens.......?



    Mission Planner.......


    Carry Case......?

    3 batteries........?

    Apart from the camera, lens, laptop,  rain cover and carry case I would be interested to know what sets this apart from the Aphex offered by Event38 which can be obtained at approx $2600 including RC, telemetry, 2 axis gimbal, SX260 (NDVI) and NX100 cameras and batteries.?? here

  • Can you please tell us about the result of the your aerial photos being processed in Agisoft PhotoScan Professional. It seems that you have not done this, since you have not properly answered my question.

    If you have done the processing, please some mosaicked sample aerial photo in website for us to download. It would be good to have this samples since you are selling a mapping UAV.

This reply was deleted.