EasyCAP Gem or Crap

3689413210?profile=originalI have several of these, all shipped free in two or three weeks from DealExtreame


EasyCAP Model DC60 (DE# 8005707, SKU 5707) $8.60 black case, Windows ONLY. Has worked great for 2 yrs+

Device Manager reports "STK1150". CD has License Key for Ulead VideoStudio 10 and drivers install OK.

EasyCAP  Model DC60++ (DE# 8026319,  SKU 26319) $19.90 white case. Had it for 3 weeks now,

Mac OS 10.2 + & Windows XP,Vista

Working great on my Mac (OS-X 10.5.8 works with 10.6.3 too) & Win (VIsta SP-2)

AMCap and Debut VideoCapture work great and it was Plug-n-Play with EasyCAP DC-60 drivers

Mac unit is twice the cost @ $20. and you need to buy VideoGlide 1.4.1 @ 30$ as no License Key is on CD, Purchased to replace SKU 11267, Drivers installed OK.

GEMs so far, kind of..


Now the stinky stuff..

EasyCAP Model DC60 (DE# 4011267, SKU 11267)  $10.91 black case 6 weeks old now (CD has Ver 3.1c Win 7-64 Model DC60-2021) $11 with STK-1160 device inside but, I can't get it to work (for both mac & win) It looks for a USB7 device and fails to install driver on PC, Fails on mac too.

The included Install CD is blank !  I found a CD image on line but no luck so far, I will not return it as I think it will work with proper drivers, HID etc..Device Manager reports "STK1160"



So I paid $20 for Mac option without $30 software License key so $50 on Mac vs $9 for Win. Crap!

But still cheaper than any other Mac solution.


Next worse is SKU 11267 with a blank CD!  Double Crap!

Device seems to work?, I will update here if I can get It working on either OS


Real Gem is original EasyCAP DC60 for window for only @ $9

Next is DC60++ for Mac & Win @ $20. A little Crappy as NO License Key for VideoGlide 1.4.1


Very Stinky Crap is DC60-2021 (SKU 11267) @ $11

Just Say NO! Please DO NOT buy it, Save your cash and time...


Maybe someone has a good driver for STK1160 EasyCAP DC60-2021?

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  • Developer

    Delay is not noticeable usually, depends on what software is running, use only minimal system resources to get lowest latency When recording  you may see a little delay.

    I notice issues when HD or NET is accessed heavily. Turn off any software that is not needed.


  • Nice review! I am in the market for a new cap device to use with APM mission planner and was wondering about these models since they are so inexpensive. Does the dv60 have a delay or is it real time?


  • dc60 doesn't have video drivers for mac. What they mean by os x support is that you can buy license code for crappy program called videoglide. Videoglide allows one to watch stream, but stream recording works poorly. Even smalles glitches on video feed result videoglide pausing recording for several seconds. It also crashes the whole computer ocasionally.


    My biggest grief with os x support is that because there doesn't exist any real drivers, dc-60 can't be used with any program other than videoglide. I'd like to use apm groundstation and also do development work for my own groundstation, but now I have to use linux minilaptop, which is not very optimal choice.

  • I've the easycap dc60 from dealextreme. It doesn't work on my linux, even if there is a easycap driver in the newest kernel (but it's for old models of dc60 with an other chipset)
  • T3
    I've used the Hauppage 950 on Windows and Mac and it seems to work just fine. I recorded a few FPV things with it on my 2007 MacBook and the framerate was not an issue at all and was very clear. It just made for some very large files is all.
  • Interesting.... I was unaware there were different models. ...


    As far as the Mac issue I'm not sure what to say other than that's par for the course, isn't it?


    I purchased one of these just to see if it worked better than my easycap and it works noticeably better.  There is a lot more electronics on the pcb board.  The video is much clearer at 30 fps.  No audio though.  I took the big plastic case off and put the pcb in shrink wrap for a more compact setup.  Let me know if you want a pic of it.
  • Never ever buy Happuage  tuner card ( at least 400-700 range) they frame rate is horrible, even on a intel quad core 3.4ghz machine I wasn't able to get over 2 fps, and they cost way too much(50-100$). I got a easycap for 4$ on ebay and it is a million times better.
  • I've tried many variations of tuners, capture cards, usb stick version and pretty much hate them all but once you find a good one, Stick with it! I shall keep an eye out for this Mark thank you.

    I built a PVR with several tuners and several TB of storage and tried quite a few to get a security thing going on it with not much luck over a door camera (as well as my 7 freeview tuners).

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