Elle0 and Paparazzi UAV


Today marks the release of the Elle0 autopilot. The folks over atbv1bitsquared have been working long and hard on this new Paparazzi autopilot. It was their goal to make it as affordable as possible without compromising on the power and memory needed to run Paparazzi.
Elle0 features a very powerful 32bit ARM Cortex M4 micro processor, and is still backwards compatible to the Lisa/M and Lisa/MX you know and love. The footprint of the board is a standard 30.5mm x 30.5mm that was made popular by the nano racer quad community. This makes it easy to replace the autopilot on your racer quad and benefit from the features and stability of the Paparazzi UAV framework.
They are still working on documentation but for now you can take a look at the Pre-Order page for details. Elle0 will start shipping early 2016.
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  • @Piotr Esden-Tempski thanks, generally after spending almost whole weekend by reading paparazzi wiki - I could say that Paparazzi UAV autopilot is really a very interesting autopilot project.

    If you want to make it more popular - I advice you to contact some well known YouTube RC-related reviewers. Especially, try to contact to Painless360, he made a lot of good reviews, "how-to"'s and in-depth guides for many different autopilot controllers (CC3D/OpenPilot, Naze32, Flip32, Ardupilot, Pixhawk, MultiWii, etc).

    If he will make 2 guides - first - about building quad with Elle0 and second - about building flying wing with Elle0 - this would be great.

  • @killerovsky a "What is included" section has been added: http://1bitsquared.com/products/elle0-autopilot

    • 1 x Elle0 autopilot board
    • 4 x 0.1" pitch 2 x 3 pin right angle headers for servos
    • 2 x 0.1" pitch 4 pin right angle headers
    • 1 x 0.1" pitch 4 pin vertical receptacle (female connector)
    • 2 x JST Spektrum satellite compatible connectors 
  • @earthpatrol at the Pre-Order page is unclear what included with Elle0? Case, Wires etc? 

  • Hi @titeuf007,

    I think the wiki could use some work but it's not unusable and Paparazzi encapsulates hardware and software into a well thought out uav system. There are plenty of places to interact with Paparazzi developers; the best is on the Paparazzi Gitter Discussion thread. Very helpful and direct access to folks on a daily basis. Also, the wiki, is just that, a wiki, anyone can edit and contribute; you could write a user guide as you see fit.

    paparazzi/discuss - Gitter
  • eduardo:

    without a real userfriendly user guide and software,this board will not be so popular...

    what does it possible to do more than a pixhawck which is already well made?(user guide is right,only mission planner sucks with lots of bugs,crash...i prefer a lot openpilot gcs)

    on top of that there are no communication with people (no thread on famous forum like rcgroup)

    so i think a small effort should be done to increase the populartity of this code

  • Developer

    @eduardo, please report bugs to github https://github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/issues and if you want to contact the dev team we monitor gitter https://gitter.im/diydrones/ardupilot

    I think you'll find we are very responsive

  • BTW ... the paparazzi team are ready to support anyone.

    This not occur with ardupilot.

    I never get support from the DEV TEAM even when i tried contact to talk about bugs.

  • You are completely right Bad Master.

    The paparazzi is very difficult to setup.

    Its very robust but its not user friendly.

    But ... when you learn how to configure the system its much more easy and flexible than ardupilot.

    This is my feel as "professional user grade"

  • I tried using Paparazzi a few times and have _always_ given up due to the complexity of the code base, setup etc.

    There are basically no manuals, just very fragmented docs outlining the functionality of the very modular parts.

    Wanna setup/configure a Radio? no way... no way to output the values the AP gets from the receiver, neither when branched via USB, nor via telemetry... it's _REALLY_ hard... and mind you I am a linux software dev. but yeah.. it *would* be awesome if there was a place where you could get hardware for it as cheap as for multiwii/cleanflight/baseflight/whatnot 

    - BM

  • do you intend to open a thread on rcgroup?

    it s difficult to find any info about you code/flight controllers

    official wiki is a real pain and not really user friendly

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