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  • Sensefly has been bought by Parrot some time ago, so it was just a matter of time for them to go multirotor, and i guess this one was developed in cooperation with the Parrot ArDrone Team. I like the fact that i will have a thermal camera, apart from that i don't see so much innovation like they say. It's funny when a company states that their pioneers in innovation in the drone field, well guess where this all started ;)

    Price range will probably be in the 15000$ range like @Superwallon said. This will be because Sensefly focus on the pro stuff and parrot on the hobby stuff. Anyway as a personal opinion even for professionals it's not worth the money, with less than half that price one could build an Arducopter based multirrotor, with very reliable and high quality parts.

    BTW, just some off-topic stuff, in their sneak peak video: i believe i recognise that place where the guy is standing, i live at about 2km from their offices and i often see them testing their planes when i go fly, but never found where they launch them. Now i think i know where, good opportunity to spy hehe ;)

  • You have to be real quick to spot a previously unknown feature on the monitor & start the auto targeting with all 5 cameras before the 10 minute flight time is up, otherwise you might as well land & change cameras.

  • Made by Sensefly ? OK, so I guess this will be in the 15000$ range ?

  • ok there are a lot of opportunities for small stuff obviously

  • Looks very interesting. 

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