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BayAreaCrasher commented on Emlid's blog post First flight of Linux APM on Raspberry Pi 2 with Navio+
"very cool.  will have to try it out. "
Mar 30, 2015
BayAreaCrasher commented on Adrián Nagy Hinst's blog post GimBALL - 3D printed DIY Gimbal with closed hull - PART1 (design)
"looks really cool.  make a GoPro version :)"
Nov 24, 2014
BayAreaCrasher commented on Iain Butler's blog post eXom – the drone that lets you focus on your work, not on flying
"Looks very interesting. "
Oct 7, 2014
BayAreaCrasher commented on Colin Snow's blog post Drone Delivery: By The Numbers
"@Toby....that would be interesting.  Like fruit flies off a dirty truck."
Oct 3, 2014
BayAreaCrasher commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post First flight of ArduPilot on Linux
"Awesome awesome stuff.  Congrats to all involved.  "
Aug 20, 2014
BayAreaCrasher commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Hexo+ Follow-me copter finishes at $1.3 million
"@roberto  don't think that is what these guys are selling right?  I believe the premise here is that you are going to operate the product without an RC transmitter around."
Jul 16, 2014
BayAreaCrasher commented on Chris Becker's blog post Formation Flying Mesh Network Demo
"This is very cool.  Congrats!"
Jul 8, 2014
BayAreaCrasher commented on Chris Anderson's blog post How to do one-button 3D mapping with the new DroidPlanner
"Very nice guys!"
Jun 27, 2014
BayAreaCrasher commented on Kevin Hester's blog post Introducing Droneshare, the 3DR cloud flight and fleet management service
"Congrats Kevin on the release!
Jun 7, 2014