After some minor updates and changes, I started my Indiegogo campaign.

Regards, Adrian


Hi, it's me again from Hungary. Let me show my next design, a 480 sizde heli built for FPV and aerial shooting.

First of all, let me tell the origin of my idea. I saw a video from 2012 about a 480 size T-rex sport, with 32 minutes of flight time!!! Although he used 8000 mA with ~1500g AUW, I think with the same weight and about 6000mA battery 20 minutes could be reached.

So I started to design a custom heli based on T-rex 450 PRO parts, pixhawk controller and Mobius HD camera with 3-axis gimbal. Since vibration is quite a big problem of helis, I separated the frame into two main parts and connected them with rubber dampers. I hope high amplitude low frequency vibrations can be eliminated from the lower frame part:



To avoid vibrations from tail drive, I decided to use Direct Tail Drive instead of belt or shaft (thanks to Robert Lefebvre's idea), I found a suitable Hacker motor.

3689608775?profile=originalFor materials I'd like to use 1,5 mm G10 for frame parts, 2,0 mm G10 for gimbal holder plate and 2,5 mm G10 sheet for battery tray. Gimbal parts will be 3D printed. Aluminium parts will be CNC machined.

Now the 3D model and the part designs are ~90% ready, for further optimisation on parts I will need the electrical components, motors, rotor parts, etc. to colledt dimension datas andexact weights. Now this modell takes ~1550 g of AUW, I think 50-60 g could be saved with parts optimization. Solidworks can also calculate the CG, now it looks like it is OK. But CG will be tuneable with battery position too.

Since this heli will take a lot of money, I'm looking for sponsors because I don't have enough spare money to build this project. If can offer the complete 3D solidworks model and 2D drawing of all custom parts for producing of course. (BTW I don't want to sell this heli as a kit or in any other way, I don't have enough time and energy to give support for customers, produce parts, etc. I can't quarantee the success, but at least I hope... :) )

So if you like my design and  would donate me you can do it by Paypal or you can send me any of the missing parts instead. Just connect me by e-mail (nhadrian @ gmail.com) for further informations.

Here is a continously updated parts list. The red colour shows that the part is still missing, the green means I already have it. Further renders and pictures will be shared in this folder continously.

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards


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  • 'm glad to see the success of other "Fake" projects on Indi like Pocketcopter, they earned some incredible amount for the "nothing", more than 100000 USD...

    Unfortunatelly I didn't get even a penny in my campaign, only some blurred promises by email without any further replies... :( Anyway, now I can see more clearly how things are working around in the world (or how not working...).

    So I'm going to end up this project and focus on some really-low-cost but still useful projects I can afford. Just like my custom antenna tracker module in my portable ground station....

    Regards Adrian


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  • Hi all, Indiegogo just started!

  • Developer

    Great design. I really like the helicopter and payload frame separation. Using the weight of the battery as an anchor, it should then be fairly easy to get good vibration dampening.

    Have you considered using direct drive for the main rotor also? It could eliminate a lot of vibration sources, noise and overall simplify the design.  A out-runner in the 300-400kv range should give you the wanted rpm on 3S.

  • Excellent design, keep at it. Your skill is obvious.

  • 100KM

    I was actually just pondering a T-rex 480 build. I have a cnc machine and would be happy to make some parts for you.

  • I love that SolidWorks model. I actually thought it was a prototype before I read further and saw it was just a render. The direct-drive tail makes total sense, good call there. Have you considered raising funds through a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter or Indigogo? Of the two, you'd have more freedom at Indie.

  • That is a very nice design.. I wish that I had funding to turn that beauty into reality but I am currently wrapped in a 700 class project. 

    Good Luck to you

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