I imagine this 3DR Y6, as filming a documentary on my Amazon aerial plan.

I do not use universal joints, only the damping to obtain subjective images.
FPV flight , and use Stabilize and AltHold mode, in the range of 3 km.
Use PX4FLOW maintain a high level of 3-5 meters ,
3 MB1240 attached to the front , left and right to avoid obstacles.

3DR Y6 Frame + Electronics Kit (2013 Version)
Pixhawk Autopilot System
3DR u-blox GPS with magnetometer
MB1240 XL-MaxSonar-EZ4 High Performance Ultrasonic Range Finder
3DR Radio Set with Cloverleaf Antenna
APM MinimOSD Rev. 1.1 Kit
TX­V1012 V2 1000mW 1.2GHz plug and play transmitter ­ Lawmate
Sony High Definition POV Action Video Camera HDR­AS30V
XM495 5 Volt 170 Degree Camera
850 Kv brushless motors
20 Amp ESCs with SimonK firmware
11x4.7 10x4.7 slow-fly APC propellers
4S 6000 mAh and 3S 2600 mAh battery pack
Vehicle weight (with battery): 6.14 lbs / 2.79 Kg

I will test .
Any suggestions , Greatly appreciated !











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  • Nice photo session. I wish I could shop there :->  I am intrigued with the use of the multiple I2C, that must daisychain. May I ask you, with a battery as large as 3S 2600mah, are you powering all but the ESC's with it?  I am trying to decide the pros and cons of making the power split so to speak.  I suppose that one should be aware of multiple GND's that will be connected to the APM  or what ever FC in an FPV rig. And with the board controlling the Camera Gimbal that would introduce yet another potentially.

    Wish you the very best footage from the Amazon 

  • Background information about Yanjun's project.

  • Yes. At first, I was a fear, very vulnerable to interference in the Amazon rainforest, I want as covering every angle selection Cloverleaf transmitter. Thank Muhammad Al-Rawi.

  • Don't think you really need any special antenna for the telemetry. I'm using the ones that came with the radios and my RSSI stays in the 90s. However, I am using it on a plane with very good antenna separation, so it may be a bit hairier for multis. 

  • a 915 clover leaf is much bigger. If I may suggest if you are looking for range use the normal dipole antenna on copter and get a patch antenna to direct at the copter. I am not sure what you are trying to gain with the clover leaf on the telemetry. They help more on video not data...

  • I need to purchase an additional Cloverleaf Antenna, to comply with the 915?

  • you 3DR Clover leaf is not tuned for 900 or 400 mhz. Specs from 3dr site listed below: This antenna set up could potentially damage your radios.


    • 5.8 GHz 18 dBi
    • Skew planar receiver
    • Cloverleaf transmitter


    • Band: 5600-5900 MHz
    • Gain: 12 dbi
    • Lobe level: 45 degree
    • Vertical lobe: 30 degree
    • VSWR: <2.0
    • Input impedance: 50 Ohm
    • Polarization: Vertical
    • Max power: 50 W
    • Interface: RP-SMA
    • Size: 88x70x120 mm
    • Weight: 6 g without case, 18 g with case
  • I still have a lot of confusion, and look forward to the test .
    I appreciate all the suggestions .

    I'm contact 3DR, PX4FLOW and MB1240 will work with Pixhawk.
    GPS is very unstable in the Amazon rainforest , Sonar is the main dependence for photographic use FPV.
    I use 3DR Cloverleaf Antenna to obtain a stable signal at 200 meters. For more information on the use of ODS by FPV flying in the distance .

    I checked and corrected props, this is a dangerous mistake. Thank you very much Joseph Aletky! Also, I will buy 12v regulator, have product links do ?

    I made a wiring diagram , in order to get everyone's help .


  • Nice build! A few tips:

    It looks like your lower props may be installed upside down (hard to tell from the pics but it looks like it)

    Make sure that the writing/prop spec info on the hub is facing up towards the sky on all of the props.

    Also, if you are using that big 3s battery for transmitters, etc for 12v, it would be much better to get a 12v regulator like the one we are offering with the new RTF copters. This would save a lot of weight and also you only have to worry about one battery being charged vs two. (the second battery you wont be able to monitor voltage of currently)

    Good luck out there!

  • Hi Yanjun,

    Really nice setup.

    We have not yet got PX4Flow or obstacle avoidance Sonar working with our APM or Pixhawk firmware.

    Although I believe some work has been done on both.

    I know the PX4Flow has a built in Sonar with the idea that the Sonar will actually maintain altitude and the Flow camera is used for horizontal position maintenance / motion.

    Are you working on this firmware?

    It is of considerable interest to many of us.

    Best Regards,


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