The FAA has issued 5 additional exemptions for UAS use in the US NAS. You can find these exemptions here:

For Woolpert, Inc.:

Exemption 1

Exemption 2

For Video Global:


For Trimble:


For Clayco:


House Hearing

Also of note, the House Subcommittee on Aviation held a hearing this morning regarding the status of UAS integration this morning. There is a lot of interesting dialog, and I suggest reviewing the archive here:

House Hearing


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  • I think Trimble wants to experiment right now and I believe they applied for experiment exception. For Amazon if they want to change the color of their drone then they will need to apply again. 

  • Not sure how this works for Trimble. They are selling a UAV mapping kit. Is the exemption for Trimble employees or for anyone who purchases their kit? 


  • There are many 333 exemption requests in process, for many different applications. We submitted ours at the beginning of June, and were among the first companies to do so. While I am aware of some applications that have been rejected by the FAA, the applicants in all cases were asked to submit additional information. Anyone can go through this process, and many have.  

  • @ Seth,

    So as I see it the FAA is letting you use these over open water for Oil Well Platforms in the Gulf.

    Yeah I'm sure no vested interest there.

  • VDOS Global has no lobbyists and has no unfair advantage. We followed the guidance set forth in the 2012 FMRA under section 333, and worked with our customers to submit an application under those guidelines. Rob, regarding the Amazon application, they submitted theirs a month after we did. 

  • Hi Rob,

    Amazon isn't an existing government contractor with adequate history of lobbying and paying off appropriate officials and politicians.

    Business has always been done that way in Mexico and the Middle East, it's just now, the United States has fully adopted the Mexican and Middle Eastern means of governance.

    And the FAA is in the forefront.

    "Baksheesh" American style!

  • I wonder why Amazon can't get an exception?

  • MR60

    How american people tolerate unfair advantages given by an administration to a few selected companies, distorting the market? And not establishing rules for other actors to be at least able to compete?

  • Trimble



    These guys must have strong lobbyist.

  • VDOS Global 


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