Flight Demo of Matrix Pilot 5.0

This is a flight demo of the recently released MatrixPilot 5.0flying the helical Turn algorithms by William Premerlani.

MatrixPilot is a relatively small open source GPL v3 licensed Autopilot, which provides a platform for DIY enthusiasts to experiment with new algorithms and ideas. It does not have a large user base, partly because any change in it's configuration requires a recompilation of the code.  The official announcements for this 5.0 release is on the uavdevboard discussion list.

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  • Developer

    @Andy. I wonder if you are remembering the older MPLAB IDE ? We are developing using the MPLAB-X IDE based on the Netbeans platform. The code compiles nicely on a variety of platforms (Unix, MacOS, WIndows. MatrixPilot-SIL compiles in just two seconds using native Apple supported gcc on my imac. I enjoy that ! (It takes 25 seconds with MPLAB-X on my Imac when the target is the UDB5). The code also compiles under Ubuntu LTS (we use that for Travis test builds), both with native gcc and with the MPLAB-X gcc. Best wishes, Pete

  • Developer

    @Rana:- :-) In this video from 4th January 2012, Ric and I are using Mavlink to tune up the parameters in the plane, and that of course is a bi-directional link.  And yes, it is interesting that our developers have never had much interest in changing the waypoints and mission plan while the plane is flying. (although it may actually be working these days, I've not personally tested it).  I think that is because we have the Logo flight control language.  On outcome of that is that we can select flight plans based on the switches on our transmitter. The list of mission control possibilities goes on and on because Logo is a full computer program language. e.g. The logo language can switch flight plans based on the transmittter switches, or the rudder control.  RTL can be quite intelligent. Our in flight control logic can be exceedingly sophisticated (e.g. Kees's thermalling glider flight plans). MatrixPilot is flying planes and Logo meets much of our needs. I personally don't like to look at a screen when I'm flying the plane. I keep my eyes on it as much as posisble. I think that Quads probably have a greater need for real time mission updates. In MatrixPilot 5.0, we are running the very latest mavlink core code pulled from "upstream". I think it's a case of "Horses for courses". Ardupilot  is super. I also enjoy MatrixPilot. Best wishes, Pete

  • Developer

    I think the main problem with MatrixPilot is that it is tied to Microchip's version of gcc, which is  (or was) quite difficult to use and lagging a long way behind

  • MatrixPilot is much older than the world's most popular Arduilot (would say MatrixPilot is big daddy of Ardupilot).

    But see the bizarre, even after so many years, Matrxpilot does not seems to compete even with Ardupilot based on APM2560. Matrix pilot does not have two-way telemetry for mission modification on the fly.

  • Peter and Bill,

    Congrats. A nice milestone for a nice autopilot.


  • Developer

    Here here! Congrats on the release, Peter and Bill!

  • Developer

    congratulations on the release!

  • Moderator

    Wonderful to see more of MatrixPilot, it has been too long! Thanks Pete.

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    Many thanks :) Interesting small glider, I think I make something similar :))

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