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  • Very troubling because the elitists that run the world will make political moves to attack private UAV operators.…
  • By reading the comments, it just feels like the collective subconsciousness of UAV owners is craving for banning of their hobbie (and inviting the "accidens that will get worse and increase in numbers"). Look, noone forces people to register a kitchen knife, while it could well serve as a murder weapon.  Just quit fearing and do your lovely thing, believe in and show support for common sense, and if someone tries to violate it - resist, don't lose heart. Yes, the common sense is under attack these insane days, but it's only because people give up in advance, letting it happen.

  • the drone issue is not a good thing, but the story is more about the 'national flag'...  that nation's fans were banned/prohibited from watching / attending the the flag was the symbol to show that they cant be stopped... (well, they can and were, but...)

    but yea, no matter what, it is eventual.. there will be idiots flying drones, i mean RC vehicles irrisponsibly.. it happens all the time... as there are idiots out there..

    one of my favorite sayings passed to me by my father... is, that, if I am of 'average' intelligence, then that means every other person is smarter then me, and every other person is not...

  • in Germany there were no problems. We have then also won

  • Albanians live in Albania, in Kosovo live Siptari.

  • Stupid Siptari !!!
    What a one stupid does, no clever can not fix!
    Stupid šiptari want to get the pussy!

  • The title is misleading. It should not be "Footbal match stoped because of a quadcopter" (sic), rather it should be "Football match stopped because of ancient ethnic and nationalistic hatreds". The quad, while of course not being used in a way we like to see, was just the messenger there. It was the flag, not the vehicle carrying it,  that lit off the trouble, the same thing would have happened if someone had driven across the field with it, or projected it on a wall, etc. Someone who wants to make trouble by waving a flag inappropriately will find a way to do that. Most people, even those who might have been outraged, understand that and do not care about the method. Only the press keeps playing the "drone" card as a lead item, as it still has some novelty (rapidly fading novelty,by the way) and still draws views.


  • This is dangerous because the wind resistance load along the string that carry the flag causes too much load stress to the motor and esc. You can see the phantom is struggling to keep the flight stable.  If it were to hold on that way for longer period it will "brown out" or overheating the ESC causing it to crash.  If it were using IOSD with amp sensor i'm sure the pilot will notice spike of overloading current value  going up on the screen.

    I don't think it was manned by professional other than joe public.  Bad for our hobby.

  • in this year these Albanian stupid pilot trying to saw all of us how the use the quadcopters /uav s ..the trying to pass things to jails with QRX 350 pro  ...phones and sim cards ...and now they tryied to look us how stupids they are with a flag who saws the big Albania..stupid people..the is the negative side of the use ...I hope to sto here because this is not good for all of us that make research about this ..

  • This is probably the most stupid drone pilot ever....

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