Full PX4 Support for E-flite Convergence

3689710813?profile=originalAfter our Christmas experiment of getting the E-flite Convergence flying autonomous missions with PX4 we’ve now gone one step further and implemented a rate controlled acrobatics mode in fixed-wing. This allows you to fly the Convergence in the same 2 modes which the original flight controller provides (Stabilized and Acro). In Acro mode (rate control, also known as gyro stabilization in classic RC) you benefit from unconstrained control over the aircraft but at the same time it will compensate external influences such as wind which gives you a truly flying on rails feeling!

Support will be available in PX4 soon (pending pull-request). For a short glimpse of what's possible check out the video on our news page: http://uaventure.com/2017/02/12/airrails-enables-fixed-wing-acrobatics/

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  • Developer

    nicely done!

    I've got one of these planes on order (they were a bit delayed getting to stores in Australia), and expect to add ArduPilot support when it arrives, probably early March

  • thanks!

  • Glad you like it :)

    We used a Pixfalcon as it has enough outputs and fits well with GPS in the front (you'll need to cut out some foam). Have a look here for some pictures of the build: http://px4.io/portfolio/e-flite-convergence/

  • nice as usual.

    which flight controller is used for this build?

    i am thinking of buying one ...

  • Developer

    Nice. I really like the E-flite Convergence config for VTOL. I also like the simplicity of customisation of the PX4, which allows to get custom configurations like this up and running realtively simply

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