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Futaba and Spektrum RC clones coming?

Some interesting reports from RCG that the Futaba FASST and Spektrum DSM/DSM2 2.4 Ghz RC standards have been reverse engineered and cheaper clones with more features are going to be coming out of China soon.

Here's one report from Germany:

"Simprop Electronic will offer two new RXes, which are Fasst compatible, but offer more features. Interesting features:

- compatible to most Futaba 2.4GHz transmitters
- programmable via USB interface (channel assignment, dual rate, frame time, etc.)
- Failsafe adjustable for all channels on power-up
- updates via PC interface"

And another analysis about the trend:

"Seems like DSM/DSM2 and FASST compatible rx'es are being pumped out of China now. Listings on Ebay and certain big HongKong retailers seems to be proof of this. There's also first hand accounts of people talking to the factories involved.

But what does it all mean?

This is great news for us consumers - finally a reasonably priced Rx for that $1000 brandname radio you already bought. Or yet another reason to not wait any longer with purchasing that dream radio.

At first this looks bad. Really bad. Then again, maybe not. It really is about market share. If you (think you) can control a factory and let it pump out compatible products in an (almost) acceptable fashion, there's a greater chance that someone might pay up for that Tx, as the Rx'es aren't that expensive. Look at the older 72/40/35MHz bands. Look at the computer industry 2.4GHz stuff. So, it's really not bad after all. The better products will excel.

Any good?
Reports on the Ebay version of the parkflyer DSM2 AR6100 seems to indicate about the same range as the original version. The build quality differs a lot, some are good, some are very bad. The technology involved seems too advanced and so indicate that the backyard factories don't play a part, so some QC can be expected. Until proven you still should expect a high percentage of duds.

The big question is really "why?". Why is this happening? Is DSM3 with added features such as encryption for regaining lock-in about to surface? Is FASST2 (veryFASST?) coming? If so, the next generation needs to be backwards compliant due to the amount of DSM/DSM2 and FASST Rx'es already sold. Swap program - maybe. But it'll be expensive, and the mfgr will surely push the expense back to the consumer, leading to an even more expensive next generation rx. Whatever brand. It could also be as simple as chineese factories running chineese business tactics to fill customer demand.

All in all, a very interesting development and it will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the coming months..."
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    HobbyKing is selling the DSM-compatible Rxs for $15! (here)
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  • Admin
    17 % I think was including VAT , so few clicks , system figured out that you are not from VAT applicable country based o your IP and so deducted the VAT too. Or Even if you do have VAT ,then 62.59 Euro excluding VAT , Enticing.;). Now thats also way of doing buisness. Preorder has discount !!
  • Strange. I clicked on the link, and it was 17%, and then when I clicked on a few links and came back again, it dropped to 30%.
    "62.59 EUR instead of 89.90 EUR
    excl. VAT, adding postage"
  • Hi Morli,
    I´m not aware about how shops operate in other countries. Our shops tend to list items as soon as they know about it (e.g. the funcopter of Multiplex since a year now?). The price could be right, but as they can not ship, it may change later. The shops try to get the orders even before they get the Item...
    Information coming from simprop says the receivers will be available in june.
  • Admin
    yep, called Orange rx , 4 and 6 ch :)
  • There's also Spektrum DSM2 compatible clones, apparently $15 from HK, see http://www.rcmodelreviews.com/spektrum_clones.shtml
    The Spektrum receiver clones have arrived
    It's official, Spektrum compatible receivers are now on-sale
  • Admin
    Hi Marcs,
    thanks for the info on FASST.
    "It is not in sale yet (at least I have not seen it), so the price is not fixed..."
    It seems to me it has been on sale since 22/2/2010 for 89.90 euro and recently price has been reduced to 74.48 euro( 17% discount!!). Click on the link given in my earlier post or click here to see it. Google search shows there are few outlets in Germany who are offering it too. So you mean to say they have reduced the price on some thing that has not been on sale yet?
  • Hi Morli,
    the RX shown will be compatible to FASST, not Spectrum. It is not in sale yet (at least I have not seen it), so the price is not fixed...
    The company that builds these receivers is Simprop, as said above. It is a well known medium size RC company here in Germany that sells electronics and planes. Both of good quality and engineering, as far as I have used and watched their products.
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