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Just came across this Pixhawk clone, so thought I would share.

Ready to Fly Quads is a reputable distributor, and I have made a few purchases from them already. They already have a clone of the APM2.x, that has been somewhat successful. Will this new clone be just as good. for under $100USD, might be work a try.

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  • My understanding is, preventing upload is more of a bug than by design, it's already been proposed to fix this and instead display a small window or icon that informs the user about the detected the cert, indicate if it is a genuine 3DR or other manufacturer's board (it is open source hardware after all), whilst allowing you to proceed.

    As Chris Andersen commented, the ground control stuff is open source, available for anyone to modify and distribute... I think the onus here is on not just profiting from selling cheap hardware, but to actually have to put some effort into contribution towards even better software.

  • Developer

    @Adrian I have not heard from Paul Baxter.

    @Guy, actually we are empowering users.  Here's a great example of why we are using a Certificate of Authenticity in the Pixhawks

    The first paragraph says "Pixhawk is an advanced autopilot system designed by the PX4 open-hardware project and manufactured by 3D Robotics."

    And a few lines further it says "This product is based on open source project. We carry this product is for customer's convenience to purchase. We will always assume you are capable of handling this kind of open source project by yourself as we can't provide comprehensive technical support as you may expect."

    That board was not made by 3D Robotics so people are being deceived by a vendor who does not have truthful advertising and a manufacturer who did not bother to put all the components on the board. 

  • FYI, Witespy, AKA Paul Baxter has been trying to address the OTP/COA issue.

    Hopefully someone will step forward to get him the info he needs to set up a COA.

    BTW, getting updates for the RTFHawk is not an issue.

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  • can only agree with Guy

  • Obligatory

  • RTFQ's is a one man with a day job show.  He has a notice on the top of his website that it's taking him a week to get orders out right now.  When I order stuff it usually takes 5-7 days to get a ship notice.

    I don't order from RTFQs if I am in a big hurry.  I kind of order and forget about it and then it just shows up.  To me its worth dealing with this as his prices are ~50% lower than anyplace else in the US and everything I have gotten from him has been rock solid.

    As far as communication, this is a rough spot.  After a dozen orders and hearing folk complain about communication I think I have him figured out.  If you are calling for info or help he will email or call you within 2-3 days.  If you call/email asking where you order is you won't get anything...except for a ship notification about a week after you placed the order.

    If you get wound up about this sort of stuff don't buy from him.

  • I ordered a RTFhawk 2.4.3 from them a week ago.  No updates since. No reply to my emails asking when it might dispatch.   Not sure what 'reputable' means these days, but I don't think it's that.

  • I have purchased a lot of MultiWii FC's and one APM 2.6 FC's  from Ready to Fly Quads.  The build quality, component quality and durability is as good as any of the other boards I have.  I suspect that the PCB's, if not the complete FC, comes from the same sources as the major brand boards.

    The owner of RFTQ's is a good guy.  I have never had to contact him for support as everything worked and is still working.  He lists links for each product to all the stuff you need to get started and even flashes all his MultiWii boards so you can plug them in an go fly right away.

  • yep

  • It's open source - live with it and stop whining.
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