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Just came across this Pixhawk clone, so thought I would share.

Ready to Fly Quads is a reputable distributor, and I have made a few purchases from them already. They already have a clone of the APM2.x, that has been somewhat successful. Will this new clone be just as good. for under $100USD, might be work a try.

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  • I'm not quite sure what the relevance is to this subject, but yes, RCG seems to have a problem with protecting significant contributors from trolls.  I really don't understand it because it hurts their traffic I would think?  Or have they actually determined that drama attracts more eyeballs than content?  Maybe that's it.  I've also had problem with the e_lm_70 guy.  But there are far worse.

    6 Arducopter devs have dipped their toes in the water there, and left.  I'm the only one sticking around, and barely.

    The worst thing is actually how inconsistent the moderation is at RCG.  It's hard to draw rhyme or reason to the moderation.  DIYD is actually amazingly tolerant, as exemplified by this thread.  

  • @Mark... I love it!!!


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  • and just a small clarification point.. the OTP-COA is a legitimate serial number process that should be open to folks manufacturing clones, the issue going on the the DRM routines added to the most capable Open Source Flightplanning software available by what seems to be one manufacturer(the largest at present) behest creating a private club within opensource development.

    The DRM I object to on flight safety grounds by adding failure modes to a flight safety critical system, drones dropping out of the sky at 9.8 ms per second**2  because the GCS failed and I can hear the liability law firms lining up for a crack at the VC money if it continues let the torts roll out!!.

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  • That's a spooky picture DT. What time is it in History's cycle? But I hate to say it I have another one to point out. After seeing how long it will take me to learn to do what most of you can do blindfolded and feel comfortable with the system I decided to wait on GPS etc. and go with the KK.2 board for now just to get my new X copter flying. So I went back to the book marks I made and to my horror the posts I was looking for were all gone. Then I found out why:

    fyi, one of the main kk2 firmware developers with SSG support, RC911, completely quit and left RCG today due to persistent trolling/harrassment/provocation by user e_lm_70. All of his firmware and info posts have been completely erased. he's gone for good.... Its a major loss for the kk2 scene and for any of us that relied on his excellent firmware

    The moderators are unfairly protecting this "e_lm" guy even though he has been trolling and instigating problems thoughout various threads. A buddy of mine and I are considering forming some kind of movement to have him banned, maybe something like a signed initiative by many users...
    "WTH??? I'm using his FW1.6+++rev.3 for the KK2.0 and it's got some great features. I'm really indebted to both Steveis and RC911 for their work on the KK FW. For him to leave is terrible"
    What a shame. There are countless other posts just like this one over the loss of having one of the main KK2 firmware developers on board helping people out and he was on my list of great people involved with FPV. And all because of one guy. Hard to believe he could get under someone's skin like that but nice people are often weak to emotional attacks because in being nice they never need to defend themselves from someone with issues like this guy. I've seen this happen before and history documents it where something great comes about out of a group in a positive phase working together to achieve a goal only to see unstable energy creating friction break it apart dividing everyone involved just as it's being achieved. Google has all the original CERN SOL posts on Natures Forum that got deleted in cache so the KK developer's past posts should be safe but that's not to help the future much.


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    *** THREAD NOTE ***

    This thread has some interesting insights made from several points of view.  In order to make these points a bit more accessible, both Monroe and Drone Trends have graciously granted me permission to tidy up this thread

    My understanding is they're going on to Kickstarter to fund where they will be continuing this discussion on a full time basis.

    Much appreciation to the both of them for their cooperative attitude!

  •   Hi Guys, sorry for being the spoiler here. But I do not know what is the full form for OTP. Google search pointed my to 'One Time Password". But what is being discussed here, seems to be something else. I would appreciate if someone can guide. I am sure there are others who do not know this.


  • There are NO FAA Expectations currently... if you know of a reference that passes muster by the NTSB decisions then please post references to same.. all else is simply heresay.. and even though the NTSB Trappy decision is stayed.. the stay does NOT introduce a legal rule making procedure that was never followed thus there are NO regulations legally in force at present not matter how the appeal turns out.. the Rule making procedures spelled out for such have NEVER been followed and under our form of government what is not expressly forbidden is permitted(at least till your business insurance agent chews you a new one).

    full disclosure.. I grew up in an SAC->FAA family :)

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  • Well, it appears to me that A) my work here is done and B) I do not quite have the background to add anything to this debate, so I'm going to bow out for now ;) However, this is shaping up to be an interesting read :)

     @hotelzululima: Good luck with the VM, windows on a VM can really be painful some days. Assuming you're using Linux, because what dev isn't, dual booting is really not too painful at all. Good luck!

    @Monroe: Thank you for getting back on track. You do have a lot of useful opposing opinions and information to add to the conversation, and I'm excited to see how the thread continues :)

    Have fun :)

  • And My concern while the OTP being populated with a COA does NOT affect present flight functionality, its the use of DRM routines in MissionPlanner that has everyone up in arms and the USE of same as a GCS made more risky than it has to be by such a feature again more failure points for the code and mission creep.

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  • I based this on directly witnessing issues with adding DRM to multicopters as in the case of the Phantom II encrypted battery controller causing issues for a VISION drone privately owned by a law enforcement officer on a test flight in San Jose.

    DRM doesnt matter whether its in hardware, firmware or Software it always experiences mission creep and it always adds failure modes to the system that have NOTHING to do with being the Flight Controller I paid for.

    While I as a code jockey have no problem taking the sources and producing DRM free versions others cant free themselves from what open source is supposed to prevent.

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    ps who sees this as an ethical issue not a technical one.

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