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3689437588?profile=originalHere is my memo: How to save gps-coordinates to picture files with Geosetter program. The coordinates are saved to the picture exif-data, and these go with picture all the time. In exif there are already data from camera model, exposure time, lens focal length etc, now we add there gps coordinates.

For example here is picture info in Irfanview program. Coordinates and also altitude are there. You can also look picture place in Google Earth or several other map services.



I have used free GeoSetter program. You can get it from here: Program needs also free ExifTool, and it loads and installs it automatically.

Fly and take pictures. Download datalog from plane with APM planner. After downloading you have also GPX-file in Logs directory.

Start Geosetter program.

  1. Select picture directory
  2. Select one of the pictures that you know where it was taken
  3. Load gpx-file from the flight
  4. Select the place from the list where the picture was taken. Place is shown in the map.


Press Images / Syncronize with Gps Data Files. Put selections according to the picture. In this picture camera and gps times differ -2:59:06 hours. Press Ok.


Then select all pictures: Images / Select all. Press again Images / Syncronize with Gps Data Files. Time should be same as in previous screen. Press Ok.

Now all picture places can be seen in map. Click individual pictures and check that places are ok.

(Optionally: You can add your copyright and email addresses to files: Images / Select all, then Images / Edit data, and fill columns Artist and Copyright, then press Set current values for All Selected Images)

If everything is ok, select Images / Save changes. Program creates new pictures and add there exif data. Original pictures are in the same directory, they have extension jpg_original. Probably it is wise to create directory Original and copy these to there.

Now you know the time difference between pictures and log. In the next flights you can also use APM Planner: Press Control-f and select button Geo-ref images. (I have not yet tested this. We have very bad weather, and sun is over horizon less than 5 hours...)

Most of these picture were taken from paramotor. Where is this kind of labyrinth?  (Hint: Click picture, then load original picture to your computer, open it in some program and look picture data.)


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