German Multicopter Lifts Human Pilot

Love the yoga ball as a soft landing device, can't believe the pilot trusted his life to an RC controller though and he never had covers for all those props which would have sliced him up like a blender if things went pear shaped.

Awesome stuff, just totally jealous as we are trying something similar and they flew first :-)



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  • Winning. What were those motors and props? Was hard to judge scale.
  • Those motors are the size of a gorilla's fist WOW!
  • Awesome, curious to know what the total battery size and ratings were.


  • Litterally, that guy has a really big ball

    I second what Hardcore says .. but right now Tesla and Da Vinci must be proud of him ^^

  • Seriously radical death wish, that is just sooo out there, certainly on par with base jumping.

    The main issue I see with these designs is putting the pilot on the top, surely it would make far more sense to put the centre of gravity below the blades rather than above them, that way recovery and banking would be easier to handle, since the design is more likely to pendulum rather than forcefully invert.

    Also In a crash situation the blades are more likely to angle out over the pilot if he is underneath, rather than angling the head and legs into the blades with the current design.

    Possibly a shark diving suit would be more apt instead of a crash helmet just whilst the design is being tested.

  • This is fantastic, congrats to the guys who worked on this. I think everyone here knows how non trivial putting something like this together is. 

  • Alright experts, deconstruct! I didn't see anything that seemed too far from off the shelf. Anyone recognize those motors, props or something of similar size. I don't see any reason the control scheme from a simple quad couldn't have been (or wasn't) used here. Not a bad idea to keep the batteries on the struts for stability (Looks like 2x 6s per motor mount for a total of 32 batteries on the struts). Geez, that's a lot of electrical power.

  • So, when are we getting a kit ? :P

    I want one :)

  • wow  i knew someone could do it.

    only a matter of time

  • Developer

    I'd be curious on the flight time. Very cool.

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