3689626935?profile=originalHi guys, 

let me introduce my latest project, a 3D printed gimbal for MobiusHD camera. I call it GimBALL regarding of it's shape...

My goal was to make a closed, aerodynamic shaped gimbal, which can be used in the front of a plane (ie. X-UAV Talon), up to 100 km/h airspeed. So I tried to make thisthing  as aerodynamic as it can be. For drive I choosed three size of motors, according to the weight they have to rotate.

The smallest is for pitch axis, a HK 2206-140KV,  RCTimer 2212 is on roll and RCTimer 2804 hollow shaft is on yaw axis. I'll use a basecam 8bit 3-axis controller placed inside my plane's fuselage.

For easy operation and FPV purposes, I made a small PCB from an USB plug which will be fixed inside the GimBALL. So Mobius have to be plugged in, that's all. There is a hole for easy SD-card removing and also there are holes for buttons and LED.

I checked the main parts with FEM analysis to be sure they are optimized for external loads (parts weight and wind force):

3689626860?profile=original 3689626956?profile=original 3689626951?profile=original

All parts will be printed using a Stratasys 3D-printer (using FDM technology). Total weight including MobiusHD and motors, screws will be around 280 g (+-15g). 

Here are some renders about details:




Next step will be the parts producing and assembly (PART2) and final testing (PART3). So stay tuned!!!



PS.: I'm not planning to produce this GimBALL but if anybody interrested in start producing, just write me an email (nhadrian@gmail.com), since I'm willing to sell 3D models - basically trade for smaller parts that are useful for my projects!!! But I don't have any time to produce parts and take support for customers, etc ... so please don't ask me how much will be a ready- to -use GimBALL...Thank you for your understanding!!!

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  • I think the guys over at SurVoyer http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/laser-rangefinder-assisted-land... have the right idea about making a gimbal wind resistant. It's inline with the fuselage. In my opinion, and from what I've used so far with gimbals, is that wind is hard to overcome. This on a copter is a no brainer, but hanging on the front of a plane... I'd love to see some video first. Very good design and look by the way.

  • I make a lot experimented with 3d Printed gimbal and these motors especially with RCTimer 2804 it is a bull shit, it is only good on pitch. Design of gimbal is good but my opinion it's overshooting.

  • Can you please take my money for the go pro version!!!!!!
  • Moderator

    Perfect job!

  • As I wrote in the blog, the all-up weight incl. Mobius and motors will be around 280g.

    I choose different motors to spare some weight and space, since the less weight you move the less motor power you need. So the smallest is on pitch and the strongest is on yaw.

    I didn't choose hollow shaft because I couldn't find hollow shaft motors in this small size.

    I'll share pictures about wiring in PART2

  • great idea. but looks heavy. whast the weight?

  • This one is more promising in handling aerodynamic than the one in shapeways (link above). At least seemingly so.

    Please please please do the Gopro version and take my money!! :D

  • Is it possible to have internal wiring? Thanks.

  • Just take my damn money!

  • Great design! Why are you using three different motors for each axis?

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