I continue my blog with the integration of GimBALL into the nose of an X-UAV Talon.
Because of complexity and available space in the Talon's nose, I decided to build it with 2-axis stabilized setup.

I hope I'll be able to test it in the air soon, and will share some test videos. Till then, here are some sample images about the current state:

3689631624?profile=original 3689631713?profile=original


Regarding STL files, finally I decided to share them at GrabCad.
If you like my work, you can donate me with some bucks too!!!

Please note that this is an experimental work, and maybe need some modifications, adjustments to successful operation. Use my files on your own risk!!!

Here are the suggested motor types again:

  • on pitch: HK-2206-140KV
  • on roll: RCTimer 2212
  • regarding yaw, my first thought was RCTimer 2804 hollow shaft, but initial testing shows that it is not strong enough. So I made a modified arm with flat top too (rev2 files), so much more big motors can also be used

Please note also that I'll not modify GimBALL for any other cameras than MobiusHD because design process needs a lot of time and I'm doing DIY things in my limited spare time. Sorry HERO users. Please do not ask me, I'll not reply to these. Thanks for understanding!

Next time I'll show you some sample videos! (PART3). Stay tuned!!!


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  • Hi,

    Toby Lankford, yes orientation is important! I designed the parts for a specified orientation since FDM printed parts are quite anisothropic! I'm interrested in your printed parts, you could share some photos or send me by mail. Of course, feel free to share your positions too.

    MD, sorry I wouldn't share the files. Send me an email with your type and dimensions of motors, I can modify parts uppon them.

  • Thank you for the inspired design.  I will donate after payday.  It took several tries at rotation but I finally was able to get a set printed in PLA for testing.  I will end up printing it in nylon.  I have rotated to optimize for FDM printing with support.  Would it be alright if I shared the optimized files with all the proper accreditation and links to you?  Thank you again for the amazing work and for sharing the files so others may replicate and possibly improve upon it.

  •  Adrian, this looks awesome! Thank you so much for the hard work and incredible attention to detail as well as the stl files! Can we get the solidworks files? I am going to print it with different sized motors. I put a 2208 on the pitch but it is 5mm too long so I wanted to modify accordingly. Will post some pictures when I have it all together. You are right though, support material is very much necessary but the first couple parts have come out nice. Awesome design!

  • T3

    Excellent! That's great that you're releasing it. Once I get my printer up and running again, I can take a stab at it.

  • awesome!

  • Awesome job.  As soon as my 3D printer arrives I will have much work to do.  Thanks again for sharing your files.

  • Hi, with the suggested pitch motor, Mobius, an average sized sensor plate it is in balance around roll/pitch. Balance in yaw can be adjusted within 7 mm range, with the suggested roll motor it is almost in the center of this range. 
    Also using of thin wires is important. Wiring suggestions can be found in PART2 of my blog.

  • Thanks soo much for sharing.
    Have you consider balancing every axis on the design?
  • Moderator

    Thanks for sharing, you made a great platform even better.

  • Hi, please be careful, and think about the orientation!
    Also please note that I designed all parts for printing with support material!!!
    (My parts were printed on a Stratasys FDM printer)

    It might work without support material too but I can't guarantee your success!

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