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  • I imagine it will take a few human generations, before AI vs human interaction on the battlefield results in anything other than a Laurel and Hardy type farce.
  • I see "oil slick" counter measures being effective. If just to keep it busy.

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    W, I don't know about that, unless they were legally obliged: (mind the language, kiddies)

  • I got the best laugh off of the pic by RC  And yes of course it means that Google is a defense contractor.  No big deal, they have been helping NSA spy on all of us for years.  Boston Dynamics does make some really cool stuff, and most of it, if not all of it, has been funded by DARPA.  Seems like the former Gov of California was made by them too.  Remember seeing the video of Big Dog chasing the Terminator?  Oh, sorry it was just trotting along in the woods, grunts trying to push it over and it staying up right.  Maybe we need to form a DIY Big Dog tipping club. 

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  • Anybody here Futurama fans?  Reminds me of Mom Corp, lol.

  • Why do I have a feeling that would have been considered in the equation. In any case you buy a company like this for specialist expertise, not for the talent pool. Something tells me the won't be using BD to develop warehousing robots.
  • Why do I have a feeling that the US military is probably not thrilled about this.

  • That does not sound good.

  • Big Dog now knows your search history, fools! 

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