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  • @Chuck- Yes Hero 3 Black Edition.  The only issues I 've ever had with my Hero 3 has been sometmes when I disconnect from my PC I noticed the rear LED on solid and the only thing that would turn if off was removing the battery.  I have not had the issue since the update.

  • That is what I was seeing online about the 64GB, the camera already seems to get quite hot after just a few minutes of recording. Do you have the Black Hero 3 @Adam?

  • I use a SanDisk Ultra 64GB card and have had no issues although I have heard that the larger card may cause the camera to overheat and suggest staying with 32GB and under for size.

  • I will pickup this one on my way home: I had been using just a standard 16GB microSDHC so that is very possible to be the issue, and this model is the one they sell on the GoPro site.

    Thank you for the advice.

  • I purchased a hero 3 black about a month ago the first one I returned because the mic was broken, today I went to record and my recordings just randomly ended around 5 min. I am running latest firmware not sure what to do at this point. Doesn't look good though.
  • Any drawbacks to this update? After the GH2 protune update I don't trust gopro so much ¬¬

  • Like Time said, if it was software, they would have fixed it by now. The trouble is, if it is hardware, and the thousands of reports point in that direction, we have to wait until GoPro release a second HW edition of the 3 series. In doing so, they would admit to the flaws of the first version so it`s a catch 22 situation. Unless they carefully disguise the whole thing with marketing wizardry. I wouldn`t put it passed them in light of how they handled the massive numbers of RMA requests. People have been receiving replacement units in a few cases but they are equally as buggy. If I was in the market for a GoPro now, I would look for a GoPro 2. Anyway, it is grossly overpriced for stuff that is made in China. I bought a Sony Action Cam instead and the low light sensing is much better. I don`t have all the fancy 60 fps and cinematic resolutions and stuff but guess what? It works, 100%. And the footage is produces is just as good. 

  • Live streaming during recording finally works.  USB was upgraded to 80 megabits, so you don't need to take out the SD card anymore. It still randomly glitches out of preferences when using the front panel button.  There's still no way to download recordings over wifi.

  • Link to details of the hardware issue?

  • The problem is a hardware issue. GoPro made a huge batch to be ready for the holidays, a huge percentage of those have a hardware defect.  Until that batch is gone from the shelves and GoPro starts selling a revised hardware version, the 3 series will all have problems. Obviously, GoPro is not admitting to that but the last update still does not fix freezing issues, further reinforcing the theory of a hardware problem rather than something that can be fized by software. A recall of that magnitude would probably bring them  to their knees so they are trying to maintain the illusion of a firmware issue.

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