GoPro is in a massive tailspin


From CNN Money


Layoffs, new cameras and a strategy shift. Nothing seems to be working for GoPro, which has plummeted to yet another all-time low.

After posting a huge loss last quarter, the company fired its chief financial officer and slashed its product lineup to just three different cameras.

On a conference call with investors, Woodman acknowledged concerns that GoPro can't expand beyond its niche market of people who want action cameras. He said that he's not concerned about GoPro being a niche -- instead, he says the company is focused on helping make GoPros easier to use for existing customers.

"We recognize the need to develop software solutions that make it easier for our customers to offload, access and edit their GoPro content," he said.

He also said GoPro would only sell just three cameras in the future: Hero 4 Black, Hero 4 Silver, and Hero 4 Session. It's killing off its cheapest, $130, camera called the Hero. It will also stop making the Hero+ LCD and the Hero+.

But the company isn't totally giving up on expansion. GoPro will continue with its plans to launch the Hero 5 this year as well as its new Karma drone. It also is working on virtual reality products.

"In 2016 we are committed to delivering a breakthrough -- the breakthrough experience we've all be waiting for," Woodman promised. "It's against this commitment that you can judge our performance this year."

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  • Rob n Jack

    What do you think of the Nikon above? 4k 360. Better than the Theta, even though that is interesting too.

  • The Ricoh Theta S is now the big thing.  A 360 camera doesn't need brushless gimbals or pointing.  All the composition & stabilization can be done after shooting.  Gopro will never get it.  They're egotistical assholes. 

  • Sony, as usual, just quietly kicking butt in the camera market.

  • Just a note for Yi fans - as with GP, the focus may be set more for close-up than infinity. You can find lots of videos on how to adjust the focus - basically, you pry the plastic front off the cam and screw the lens slightly one way or another while watching in the app. 

    When I wanted to give my son an action cam - he's a photog - I bought the Sony. 

  • +1 for form factor issues. Wearing a GoPro on your head makes you look like a teletubby. I tried a contour cam briefly (barrel shape) but it really didn't match up in video/image quality. Next action sports cam I buy will be Sony mounted on the side of a helmet. As for UAV, Xiaomi looks interesting. Sony sensor, 16MP and 1/3rd the price at least.

  • quite cool, JB, but it adds a lot of features I'm not looking for and probably still complicates a control interface to any other external device.

  • I think Nikon have the right idea for progress especially in a drone with 360degree view at 4k:


    So long it also come with a SDK and can plug into a X1 for OpenCV, you could then fly augmented 360 degree FPV (think course plots, opening size estimations etc in real time) using your 2.7k phone in this Occulus compatible rig:


    The Gear VR is pretty good, actually crazy what a mobile can do...who's interested in developing an 3D Android app to use them as FPV googles over wifi?

  • +1 Andrew the form factor stinks!!! It mine as well be a parachute!!! 

  • Their form factor sucks for neat robotics/drone installation.  If they could develop a concentric (or at least axi-symmetric) form factor and add in some decent wired full remote control capability, I'm sure they'd sell a ton of them to wannabe robotics developers.  Absolutely noone has really done that yet...

  • +1 John Birkeland.  They need a  interchangeable lens system so the full sensor can be used all the time.  And the 4 black needs to have a price drop.  If the 4 came down in price I may add it to my arsenal of a hero 2 and 3+ black.  I also have skipped the 4 because of the price.  Only thing I would gain is 2.7k at 60fps. The 60 fps is important to me.

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