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  • Developer

    Franc, do you have any interest in working on the planner software and re-skinning / re-working the UI?

  • Nice work, been thinking of doing exactly that myself. The current version definitely needs to go through a more formal UX/Design process. Its a long way off best practices. Design is not window dressing its the underlying system communicating to the user and should be developed in parallel.

  • nice work

  • @Guy McCaldin I agree there is a lot to explore....especially because some operators like me use TX / line-of-sight first and the ipad as secondary tool, VS other operators who just use the laptop and not even the TX

    Ideally the pilot should not see anything, should just "hear", that's would be the ultimate ux, just AI, no UI. 

    about Droidplanner 2 i don't see much improvement, honestly... it's trying to push all the info with no hierarchy, using the mental model of engineers not pilots...

    eg. a step further I think those numbers like airspeed or climbing rate should be simply consolidated in colors, shape or symbols because the user cannot be distracted wether the rate is 3.7 or just" slow" vs "fast"..

    i will into more on this topic, it's quite interesting

  • Developer

    Unfortunately Mavelous has not had much attention for a couple of years as it predates Droid planner and AndroPilot 

    It is worth having a look at Bruce Crevensten's system

    And also have a read of some discussion here!searchin/drones-discuss/Developer$20GCS$20features/drones-discuss/4H3hc-uZ09w/EmrDgT0izX8J

  • @Craig Elder nice work, but it needs some design love ;)

  • Wow.. impressive UI

  • @ Oscar Avellaneda-Cruz  great!

  • Franc I'm gonna email your design ideas to a local company developing a browser GCS.
    I really want to see standardized bare bones framework for the GCS that can then be
    themed & skinned as needed.

    If anyone knows of a github project doing such thing please let me share it.

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