Hi all,

here is a full autonomous flying Funjet.

It is equipped with :

- motor Turnigy 2836 with APC 4.1x4.1

Best performances are:

- maximum speed over 200Km/h. In the attached log file you can see, at line 587, H ground speed 53.06m/sec (191Km/h), M estimated airspeed 61.59m/sec (221Km/h). I have several flight logs with ground speed over 55m/sec

- acceleration at launch 0-100 <2.75sec. You can see it in the attached log file, considering that the plane is launched at line 370 and reaches 28.6m/sec (102Km/h) at line 381. Telemetry refresh is at 4Hz.

Full autonomous flights

You can see in the log files that I launched the plane in autonomous mode and it landed in autonomous mode (row B status 111)
In the Google Earth file you can see the entire flight with colored autonomous legs.

This is a picture of one of the launchs :

Those are the logs of the autonomous flights:

LOG00044 Flight 2167.csv

LOG00044 Flight 2167a.txt.kmz

LOG00045 Flight 2168a.txt.csv

LOG00045 Flight 2168a.txt.kmz

For those flights, autonomous throttle was limited at 50%. The plane still reaches >40m/sec !

If you play a little with the files, you can have magnetometer behavior and wind estimation shown in GE, thanks Pete Hollands great telemetry tool.

Today I did a flight and was able to take a short video. The plane is flying full autonomous, the pilot being occupied with videocam. Enjoy it :D

Autonomous Funjet from Riccardo Kuebler on Vimeo.

A big thanks is due to the developers and programmers for continuous work, help, encouragement and appreciations.

Thank you:

- Bill Premerlani

- Pete Hollands

- Adam Barrow

- Ben Levitt

A big thanks too to Rana, who was the first which encouraged me here, and Morli for continuous input and sympathy.

Best regards,


Edit : 28.6.10 added a video

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  • Admin
    Sgt , you mean DIYdrone to break sound barrier :)). I think mil drone did it looong back ( if I have read the Airforce UAV secrets blog correctly)
  • Moderator
    I can see it now..."First UAV to break the sound barrier!"
  • Thanks all :D, thanks Christof Schmid, perhaps we meet sometimes on a flying field.

    Regards from Acquarossa, Tessin

  • Hi Riccardo

    Congratulations. I have one of these FJ with NM ( Patrouille Suisse design). Maybe I try the AP on it one day after I saw this maybe sooner...

    Regards from Zürich

  • T3
    Hi Ric,


  • Oh man thats fast!
  • Moderator
    That would be cool... BTW that's about 150 MPH unless my cals are off. I've got an upgraded Stryker that might be able to give you a run for your money... If I had the jewels to give it a toss... (little out of practice on the fast ones).

    Great Job!
  • Admin
    Wowww , way to go Ric , keep it safe and have fun . Videos (FPV @ 240 km/hr!!) should be fun to watch
  • Hi,

    just would like to inform that the Funjet is now equipped with a Newmotor 1110/2.5D.

    Max speed clocked is 243Km/h.
    LOG00083 Flight 2199.csv line 545.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Chris,
    in theory yes, but it is at the limits. Power consumption has peak to 70A and I use a 70 / 80A ESC. Battery are 2200mAh 4S 40 / 50C, so 88 / 110Ah. Motor is the weakest point, it is rated 700W and I ask >1000W.
    Anyway autonomy is about 4' at high speed. I did a couple of flights at sustained speed without problems, but flying always at full throttle is not my style.
    I recently fried a motor because I lost canopy in flight. Cooling was no more efficient, motor overheated, foam and tin solderings melted ! It was smoking like a real jet :D
    I'm actually using a Newmotor. I'm considering to switch to a more powerful Newmotor.

    Best regards,

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