H-Cell 2.0 Hydrogyn fuel cell hybrid power-train for RC models

This might interest some of you.

A hydrogen fuel cell hybrid power-train for 1/10 scale model hobby RC. The H-Cell 2.0 can be connected to almost any RC platform and will provide continuous power to recharge the on-board batteries. Using this hybrid system it is possible to increase the run time of RC vehicles by more than four times!

When the solar panel option is included the HydroFILL and H-Cell 2.0 become a 100% renewable energy system. The solar panel also has the added benefit of making the HydroFILL mobile and HydroSTIKs can be refilled anywhere the sun shines!

Here is the PDF brochure they sent me: H-Cell 2 0 Brochure.pdf

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  • @ Mathew krawczun
    your right people say so many things are green but they are realy only part green they only cover one part of the process but useally the other parts of the process take up more energy then just doing the normmal thing
  • I think hydrogen fills an important niche. It seems like a nice way of transporting electricity where transmission lines aren't available, solar isn't an option, and as an alternative to shipping liquid fuels/charged batteries.
  • the real question is what is truly the greenest way?

    the green movement like any movement as been taken over by companies trying to make more money. they throw idea at you and say they're green but really aren't like carbon fiber. oh if you make a car out of Carbon fiber it will be lighter and use less gass, but to make carbon fiber it take lots of energy and once you done with that car you can't do anything with that carbon fiber wile a metal car can be Recycled.

    the same thing happens when people talk about hydrogen fuel cell.

    it sounds really green because it doesn't make CO2, but it takes a lot of power to brake down water. Power that comes from Fossil fuels right now, rare elements that need to be strip mined and then shipped around the world increasing its carbon foot print even more. lets not talk about how it uses fresh water which is already becoming a problem in may cities around the world. using it as the fuel for cars will just cause the human race to more of it from nature causing more eco problems itself.

    being green isn't just about doing what people say is green its about looking at project from birth to death to birth again and making sure everything that goes in to making it causes the smallest effect on the planet as possible.

    that's being green to me.
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  • Green is the best way to go.
  • I think green is the best way to go
  • sorry, next time first read and then write! Yes Greg, i have make similar calculations with similar results.
  • I have make some calculations and fuelcells (canister+stack) have less power density than LIPOs
    Is it correct?
  • @Alex - Gas has more energy per unit. That same plane on gas would probably stay up for a week.
  • Hmm i can use this one at my second project. but need to complete 1st one xD
  • I just ran the numbers and this is not practical for an aircraft. When you look at the weight/energy a typical Lipo has 4.1 times the energy density. Lipo-7.3 g/Wh, fuel cell-29.7 g/Wh You could make it fly, to prove a point, but it would be a real dog. Weight of 890 g say 400 grams for the rest of the super light plane. 30 W/1300g is a very low power to weight ratio, but a very efficient sailplane type airframe could fly. I assume that the 150W burst lasts only while the battery still has energy, enough for take off and some climb. Now if we take the same plane and replace the fuel cell device with the same weight of Lipos, This aircraft has the more peak power(if the motor can handle it) , but will have 4X the flight time. And at 1/5th the cost. Go figure?
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