Helibaits, fisherman's best friend

Helibaits HB06 is possibly the first drone designed to cary bait and unload it in a specified area. Fisher man all over the world may benefit from this concept. Simple but useful.

This could be nice upgrade of hobby, even if you don't catch any fish, you can always check the area, or make a nice movie.

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  • I've made a boat for that and it's better imo because you can use a sonar and find out the depth the fish your aim is... with drone, no sonar and low payload, risk to crash in water...

    funny anyways.

  • This would take the place of a Tuna Tower... I like it.

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    In Europe they use these giant towers mounted on boats to spot fish.  I think the Portuguese do it pretty often.  The towers are taller than sailboat masts.  A guy climbs all the way to the top and uses a radio to tell the other boats where he thinks the fish are.  

    This would be a huge benefit to those guys, if they can afford it. 

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    I have a guy calling me every couple of months wanting a quad to take his line in behind the waves...
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    But alors, you speak French ?

  • Technically clever but anglers have been using bait boats for years to take the bait and sometimes the fishing rig out to awkward locations.

    I use my UAV's for filming around my lake.

  • I guess you feed the fish the same time and location every day and then on fishing day you go out in your boat at that time and cast them a hook instead.  

    I've wondered if commercial boats are using drones to get a birds eye view.  Seems quicker and much cheaper than maintaining an onboard chopper and pilot or hiring an outside spotter and paying for the service.

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