HEXA frame continues: Anti Vibration Motor Mounts

step by step, the HEXA frame is being constructed.

haven't worked on it for a while, but now i'm done with an interesting part:




I used the original arducopter motor mounts (the plates that come with the motors, which are not used on the official arducopter frame)

to be tied on the square arms, and between the mount and the motor, i've used:

*bling*bling*  RUBBER MOUNTS *bling*bling*


on the video you can see it works perfectly. isolating the motor from the aluminum arm.

with 6 motors working at very high throttle to keep this 4.5-5kg hexacopter, i'll need this vibration isolation to make nice and smooth videos.


and now, some pictures, 'coz we all like 'em !





















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  • what about prop balance? What i see on the video is like a twist effect because of the torque... on start up looks like a little of vibration but on the rest of the video is the torque what is twisting the motor... correct me if im wrong please. I would go first for the props balance and then isolate the electronics from the remaining vibration.
  • @AR Projects:

    Yeah I figured it would be I couldn't find a smaller one. I'm sure that they exist or could be made in your pipe with a long bolt and rubber washers. That way if the washers go you still have the bolts to fall back on.

    Although it looks like you have already come to the same conclusion by putting the bolts through. I think I mentioned it before but I would use some loctite since it will keep the bolts from spinning on the bolts. If you use the blue it will come off easy enough with some muscle.
  • @TD

    looks good, but they are rather very massive for our application....

    the idea is correct...

  • @ Russel - whoah, that's nasty! :(
  • What about something like these?  Since you are really flipping things upside down you don't need compression mounts.

  • Vibrations are distributed differently when an aircraft is on the ground than in the Air. I don't recommend your ideas of using 2 bolts w/ rubber and 2 of the hard drive rubber mounts. I would either mount the motor solid to the frame or just use the hard drive rubber mounts. If you try and use them with eachother they will come loose or actually cause more vibration because it's not possible to tighten the 2 bolts tight enough due to the rubber spaccers. The best thing to do is mount the motor solid and balance the hell out of the props and hubs. I mount my motors solid with a couple small dabs of silicone. 3692204378?profile=original

    I also take time to make sure my props and hubs are balanced very well.  Watch my video and you can see and hear the effects of an un-balanced prop and a Turnigy motor that has bad bearings.  Good Luck

  • OK, here's a picture that describes exactly what happens when you pull the rubber mount.

    (copter taking off = pulling rubber mount) :



  • @ Peter Seddon:

    sure, but i don't care of the electronics -

    i care about about the video DSLR that will be mounted.

    and yes, the camera mount will get its stabilization as well.

  • @T.D. -

    these look GREAT !

    but even with such a good metal structure inside the rubber, i can't count on it to be safe enough, like a M3 metal screw is.


    I really like the way i thought of re-doing the mounts -  with two rubber mounts and two normal screws THROUGH rubber mounts....

    will try it soon

  • Wouldn't it be easier to resiliently mount the Oilpan board which is lighter and is not subjected to high accelerations?

This reply was deleted.