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  • Not that I have a lot to say about Quantum products, but they built this for the low end consume not the majority of geeks like myself.  What I'm more interested in is range quality and what receivers can be used with this radio?  Time to research more on this unit.

  • Is this a good controller ? Can i buy another receber ?
  • I reckon this thing could've been so much better.

    All they needed to do was:

    Use 12 channels

    Add telemetry and bluetooth.

    Make the channel selector the push buttons instead of rotary switch.

    I do like that the 8 channels you do get are output as both PPM and PWM simultaneously.

  • Haha, is it "big hands...big gloves"? ;)

    No, it's just last year in Montreal, the temperature was -22F (-30C) the month of January and February and gloves were needed. With spektrum DX9, I always moved around the buttons unintentionally

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    You know what they say about guys with big hands...


  • Is the radio really small or do you just have massive hands?

  • How bout some peeps jump aboard the Flysky i6 Mod page:

    We have already released our own firmware updater to increase #ibus channels, but we want to also allow Ardupilot telemetry.

    Project goals:

    Project goals:

    • Increase number of channels (using PPM or ibus) (Done)
    • Enable Mavlink/APM Telemetry (using ia6b receiver)
    • Ability to edit TX Voltage reading & alarm (allowing lithium battery power)
    • Edit duration of 1 minute 'inactive' alarm (Done)
    • Functional Flight Timer
    A collection of software modifications for the FlySky i6, some useful, some experiment. All use of this repository is experimental and you use at you…
  • Thanks,

    I think the stiffness it's a good thing for the rotary switch, so you can't change the flightMode accidentally with big fingers or winter gloves.

    I will stay tunes for further info.

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    Alex: It is very close to the CX-20 radio both in size and general feel. It is very light. Probably due to the small battery and the general emptiness inside. The rotary switch is surprisingly small and you need two fingers to turn it. You cannot give it a nudge while still holding the stick. The LEDs have a nice christmas feeling and cycles between red-green-blue-yellowgreen-orange. Feels totally usable for 50 bucks. Will mess with USB later.


    Tedro: i ordered it as mode 2. Looks like it is simple to convert to 1 (move spring/move metal plate).

  • Thanks for the peek!

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