HobbyKing Quadcopter Frame V1



Built from strong yet light weight Ply wood and glass fiber materials the HobbyKing Quadcopter frame provides the perfect test bed or starting point for any Quadcopter enthusiast. The HobbyKing Quadcopter frame comes with the main components pre-assembled right out of the box. The interlocking parts make assembling the entire frame easy. Light weight nylon nuts, bolts and spacers have been included to keep the flying weight down. The Camera tilt mechanism also includes a vibration dampening system to combat rolling shutter effects.

Height: 200mm
Witdh: 550mm
Weight: 195gram (No electonics)
Skid width: 256mm
Ply Wood: 3mm

Underside of main frame: 115mm
Underside of Camera support: 35mm


Price: US$ 14.95

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    This is called the "V1". I assume that means version 1. Are there other versions ?

  • New stock will arrive in about 2 weeks and I think stock will be gone quickly again. Control board in 6-8 weeks: http://twitter.com/HobbyKingLive/status/35351615821185024
  • Something to keep in mind for when I become a better pilot. At the moment I suspect I'd probably break it on it's first flight!
  • What's the weight of the DIYDrones aluminum/polycarbonate kit?  I'd expect all this wood to be heavier.
  • On Backorder
  • i think it will not fit the amp it`s to small inside.

  • Thanks for the heads up on this one. I needed to buy a few things from them anyways, so I ordered one. That price is less than I paid for the materials to build my own frame.
  • wow, this link has provoke a sell mania, have check haft an hour and there was stock, now, BK!
  • At such a cheap price I had to order one... $25 for delivery to the UK - perfect! don't need it yet, but it was in stock when I ordered so hopefully I'll get it sometime in the near future
  • Yes, it had stock... 45 when I checked... all gone in some 15 minutes... See this link to check stock: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking_api.asp?id=16583&switch=1
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