How About Open Source?


Yesterday HK released a video about their new 433Mhz LRS modules.
And i shocked. Because it is unauthorized copy of my OpenLRS !

OpenLRS is an Opensource RC and i'm the developer of that system.

Stop the video on 1:08 and check the receiver.
And check the pinout or something.

Only the difference is 6 pin ICSP. We don't need that because of our production procedure.

Now the question is "What can i do?"
If i cant find an answer about that, i will stop to designing open source hardware.

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  • I'd take it as a compliment that "my" work is so good that someone cloned it.  Also, isn't that the point of Open Source?  People like me don't yet have the skillset to make my own diy pcb, or program it... so if HK or a Chinese company is willing to mass produce the design for a cheap price... isn't that helping the community?


    Seriously didn't expect the chinese to clone? lol,  Look at SpaceX, SpaceX doesn't have hardly any patents because they don't want the Chinese to copy!  And that's a patent, not open source.

  • @Adilson and others that talking about license and laws;
    You right about your arguments but I don't want to sue HK. I just want to know reaction of this community about this issue and learn your approaches.
    This is why I wrote here and didn't call a lawyer :)

    Now very late night here and I'm going to sleep. I will back after 6 hours. :)
  • @Adilson, Costs have to be cut? Whats labor worth in those Chinese factory's ?? :P

  • @Adilson, I totally agree, im just saying that from my point of view these products are copied and replicated without much care or attention to detail. I've personally seen 2 lockouts from 2 different "orange" RX's (not openlrs).

    My point is that I personally think its simply not worth the cost savings to have unreliable hardware. 

    Also HK doesnt have a good track record, off the top of my head I can recall their "YAGI" wings which are a blatant rip off, just goes to show their mindset in regards to IP.

  • I am not too shocked.
    I work at a large Open Source company and I been in the OSS world for some while now. You just keep on truckin like you done before, now and in the future. Clones will come every now and then. See it as a proof that you are doing something valuable and good. In the end it is about the service around the products and Flytron offers excellent services and customer care.

  • Melih, I like to think that most people are like myself, I would rather pay extra if I know the quality control is superior. I've never touched anything from Hobbyking with "orange" in the name and never will.

  • Hi Andras,

    It is not about protecting business. OpenLRS project's profit is less than it's cost since 4 years. And i'm producing telemetry devices for security market with similar technology. Believe me the profit is much more better than this :)
    The problem is the respect to developers (4 project members developing OpenLRS. Check the code for details). I think, HK's like approach is not helping something free or open. This is why i'm reacting and wondering your approaches to the issue. 

    By the way, I'm producing I2C GPS module called Navigatron. this is true. PCB is my design(it is only an arduino core and gps module), I'm a member of MultiWii project and the code from EOSBandit ( from MultiWii forum.) And I asked him before doing that. Mean, you cant sue me but someone can sue  rctimer, goodluckbuy or others. :)

    Asking to developer is not a big thing but feels good. Someone have to learn that.

  • Melih, I think you are trying to protect your business here, but since the hw design is os everyone can make compatibile. If I follow your way, then I can sue you, rctimer, goodluckbuy and a number of other companies for selling i2c gps nav boards. Or course i'll not do that since i2cgpsnav is opensource too. end of story.
  • It seems like what they are doing is exactly correct, you licensed it under the GPL so anyone can use it. They even copied the name, IE on the  module it says open lrs...  Isn't the ability of someone to copy without asking the exact meaning of open source?  I may be missing something here, but????

  • Moderator

    According to the links others have provided, it would seem they do not need to ask your permission, only to mention your project in passing in some manner.



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