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  • He's almost there for VTOL, but I think Arducopter will be faster than his hands or his brain.  Somebody send him one quick.  He wants out of that court yard.  Donate now!  Help the Chinese Farmer Escape the Courtyard

  • That has to be the most unsafe and dangerous as hell thing I've seen a private citizen do in a long long time.  It's also brilliant and daring and I salute him.

    Just hope he figures out stabilization, that looks like the only thing he is missing.

    Wow, I'm kinda jealous...maybe I should turn my car into a quad in a vain attempt to top this guy, we can't let the Chinese be the first to make a car quad now can we??

  • lololol Harry, but if he's trapped in that yard, he needs VTOL :D


  • He's trapped in that courtyard and his only way out is to fly out. 


    I do like those engines and props he's using, those tuned pipes sound snappy.  Just one of them strapped on an ultralight would get him flying.  He's even got the skills to make the ultralight.

  • Would have been easier to get the pool table to fly that was in the foreground :)

  • I've seen this video over and over and the thing I love the most is the pilot's safety gear... he even has a skull to protect is brain, fantastic :D

  • He's now the head of the Chinese rocket program.  They're sending him up to the new space station, with no return pod, but no one told him that it wasn't completed yet. ;-)

    Seriously though, this guy is a pioneer.  With the kind of materials he's using, it's a amazing he can get off the ground.  All he needs is to add an APM2 and turn on stabilize mode, once he adjusts the PIDs for this frame.

  • You can see it trying to flip itself over...

    Can IC engines even respond fast enough to stabilise?

  • I still dont get it? whats his goal? to get 3 feet off the ground? what a muppet!

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