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Richard commented on Jason's blog post Open-source ESC - is there a potential community?
"I'm quite convinced that ESCs should be in the prop wash, so I don't think physically embedding them into the centre of a quad is a good idea.
Primarily because it's the best way to keep them cool - no point in adding fans when there are already…"
Aug 21, 2012
Richard commented on Nick Arsov's blog post Using Smart High-Side Power Switches as a battery switch + current sensor + protection
"@John - there are some much smaller logic-level N-Channel MOSFETs with much higher current capacities.
Look at some of the SMT packages - TO-252, D-PAK and I-PAK are just as easy to solder as TO-220.They are probably cheaper as well - similar (or…"
Aug 12, 2012
Richard commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New stamp-sized GPS module claims to be spoof-proof
"Silly, it's no more spoof-proof than any other military-grade GPS device that has the encryption keys.- It might be smaller than existing encrypted units though, which would be interesting to the USA military but not for anybody else.
The way to be…"
Aug 11, 2012
Richard commented on Rigel's blog post The biggest rocket powered quad I know of is set to land on Mars. Don't miss out!
"@Carl - the Martian atmosphere is pretty much pure CO2, with a bit of Nitrogen and Argon.
(Traces of other things)
We're not going there anytime soon, need to be confident that the astronauts would (a) survive the trip there, (b) have enough…"
Aug 5, 2012
Richard commented on Rigel's blog post The biggest rocket powered quad I know of is set to land on Mars. Don't miss out!
"The airbag decision was down to weight - Curiosity weighs a lot.
They reckoned that airbags big enough to land it would be too big, too heavy and probably burst on impact anyway - drop a man on an exercise ball and it's a cushion, drop a car on…"
Aug 4, 2012
Richard replied to Alexandre Nascimento's discussion ESC burnt after installing the module 3dr
"Either coincidental bad luck or a wire got moved by accident during the installation and shorted out.
It is practically impossible for interference on the ESC signal wire to damage any well-designed ESC, invalid input should be ignored and…"
Jul 31, 2012
Richard replied to mike crees's discussion quadcopter motor wiring
"These brushless motors are essentially 3-phase motors, the ESC pulses the three wires in sequential order.
The direction they spin is down to the order of the wires.
So connect the three wires however you want, and if it spins the wrong way swap any…"
Jul 15, 2012
Richard commented on theo van niekerk's blog post I wonder how long its going to take for us all to be buzzing around in quads rather than cars????
"You can see it trying to flip itself over...
Can IC engines even respond fast enough to stabilise?"
Jun 30, 2012
Richard replied to VIA UC's discussion Circuitry ( 328p) fried due to magnet?
"You've got a completely dry joint on the 328P debug/programming port.
Top-left of the photo, top left pin (VCC). It doesn't make contact with the PCB at all.
That might be why you can't connect to the 328P.
Looking at the rest of the pin headers in…"
Jun 3, 2012
Richard commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post Home made ESC ideas
"I'm with bGatti here, LDOs are simply the wrong way to get significant amounts of voltage regulated power.- LDOs in parallel basically doesn't work, they'll fight each other. That's probably what killed yours.
Single-chip monolithic buck DC-DC…"
Jun 2, 2012
Richard commented on Simon's blog post 12 Rotor from SmartDrones
"Or rather they had some fun throwing together a load of stock geometry without needing to worry much about whether it'd make sense, be possible to build or actually fly.
(I see a Predator drone chassis and a lot of other bits of stock geometry)"
May 27, 2012
Richard replied to Muzzaffar's discussion Help! Autonomous Quadrotor
"It's always best to start by checking that the kit actually works in the first place.
Step one:Check your ESCs and motors with a normal radio Rx.
- You will also need to read the manual for your ESCs as to how to arm them. Most ESCs need some kind…"
May 24, 2012
Richard replied to John Kwasky's discussion Help With new (first) TX/RX purchase (budget)
"It seems to have been buried in the thread, but somebody needs to check this:
Dave said that he has seen the APM appear to treat "No PPM input signal" as normal operation, holding the last good values from the Rx internally.- I don't know whether…"
May 20, 2012
Richard commented on Jack Crossfire's blog post I2C woes
"I2C is seriously fragile in the first place, it's got no inherent protection against EMI.
One thing that might help is to twist SDA and SCL with 0V, but probably not enough for that kind of length.- Twisting SDA and SCL together does nothing at all…"
May 13, 2012
Richard commented on Chris Anderson's blog post What's this mystery multicopter board coming from HobbyKing?
I think that is the same size as the monochrome OLED used on a product at work, so take a look around those.
I'll try to remember to take a look at the markings on ours when I'm back in the office.
OLEDs is better anyway as the contrast is so…"
May 12, 2012
Richard commented on trappy's blog post The Grand Canyon
"Clearly the necessary thing to do is to get the rangers' actions mentioned on television.
"Park Rangers steal tourist's videos of Grand Canyon!" (and other such juicy headlines).
You really should go ahead and crucify them. That ranger is saying…"
Apr 26, 2012