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Indoors autonomous quadcopter

From the description: "The robot is equipped with an IMU, camera, and laser scanner with deflective mirrors. All computations are performed onboard using a 1.6GHz atom processor. The robot is able to navigate autonomously in indoor or outdoor, GPS-denied environments.

A SLAM module with vision based loop closure allows the robot to map large-scale, multi-floor environments.A sparse 3D map is generated on the robot based on sensor data, enabling high-level planning and visualization.

An RRT* based planner provides an anytime planning solution that fits the computational constraints of the robot. This planner also enables online re-planning and obstacle avoidance.

An LQR optimal controller with external force compensation enables reliable autonomous flight in highly constrained environments, such as hallways, doors, and windows. The robot is able to track the high-level plans accurately."

From I Love Robotics: "More quadrotor action from the team at UPenn (Shaojie Shen, Nathan Michael, and Vijay Kumar). A previous video of their earlier work is here.

ROS seems to be helping with the team's productivity, but I am still looking for a paper to go with these videos for more details. Once again thermodynamics and energy storage look like the biggest performance limits facing quadrotor aircraft."

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  • kindly advise if laser scanner is available to buy ?

  • Very impressive, and well done to the UPenn team!


  • This is good work! Congratuations to the U Penn team that did this.

  • this quadrotor was used AFAIK


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  • Out of curiosity, which IMU was used for this project? 

  • Nice demo...

  • Why not Kinect?

    Too heavy, too much data to transfer to the remote computer, and too much data to compute.

    I agree that kinect could give very good results, but the amount of work seems too huge to me!


  • Leon: Why Neato, why not Kinect?

  • Doesn't Corona mainly make rc receivers? i dont see how those can help on an autonomous vehicle

  • Ascending Technologies has outgrown its britches. If enough people bought Coronas instead of going with the herd, there would be much longer flight times.



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