Interesting 3 axis Gimbal for GoPro

From the description:

This is my new pan-tilt-roll gimbal for my GoPro HD camera. It is supposed to go onto a remote controlled airplane for FPV and aerial video. The whole mechanical structure was printed (laser sintered) by Shapeways.

This test shows the first test of 3-axis gyro stabilisation. It still needs a lot of tweaking (I already made a few improvements - stand by...). Here the gyro sensors are on the mount (i.e. will be on the plane, also for the stabilisation of the plane itself). In the final version there will be another gyro sensor directly on the camera, which should make it much more precise.

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  • Wiki Ninja

    That's really interesting. Have you come across any all-mechanical gimbals for GoPros? I wonder if you could save weight and size with a gravity-stabilized gimbal that uses dampening.

  • cool but old vid now, did the guy put out v2 or a v3 ?

  • yes you right... i've drunk

  • at 0:44 is a cam in the enclosure.

  • by the way it's a good product. i saw the demo with the go pro inside. Really good design !

  • why they don't put the go pro inside for the démo ;)

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