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Introducing 3DR's Aero Fixed-Wing


If you've been looking for an economical plane platform, that search ends here. The new RTF Aero fixed-wing provides at least 45 minutes of autonomous or RC-controlled flight, all housed in a robust, lightweight airframe.

Powered by Pixhawk, the Aero is capable of flying repeating missions with over 100 waypoints using a Mac, Linux or Droid device. The Aero is therefore ideal for capturing video over long distances, making it the perfect tool for autonomous missions. Partner with our FPV kit to get crisp, live-streaming video with superimposed telemetry data.

Priced at $1350, this aircraft is a serious tool that offers serious fun.

The Aero includes

  • Ready-to-fly 3DR Aero aircraft
  • Flight checklist
  • 4S 6000 mAh LiPo power pack and balance charger
  • 3DR Radio air and ground modules
  • Micro-USB ground station adapter


  • Pixhawk autopilot system
  • 3DR GPS+Compass
  • RC Tiger Motor 2820 830kv motor
  • RC Tiger Motor 60A ESC
  • External LED indicator and USB port
  • Digital airspeed sensor
  • Average flight time: 40 min
  • Payload capacity: 2kg
  • Wingspan: 1,880 mm
  • Maximum speed: 56 mph (90 kmh)
  • Minimum speed: 22 mph (35 kmh)
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  • HI Guys, catching up on all your wisdom here! A few noob questions.

    I'm interested in loading a downward facing camera on the Aero, for photogrammetry work as well. I'm curious about the best location for it and if it will drastically affect flight. I plan on using a Cannon S100, or a SX280 for the job.

    Christopher, you mentioned that you also planned on using an Aero and also saw your DSM model, great job on that by the way! Could you point me in the right direction ? Any Suggestions or pointer are welcome.

    Thanks So much guys I'm glad to help in anyway I can.


  • Just to share our progress with mounting our Sony Nex7 camera on the 2013 Aero.  We were able to mount the camera (landscape facing), by modifying the fuselage close to the planes CG.  We are having success, and was able to map out 700+ acres in one flight.  Still working on a lens protective slider that we can open and close (just before  the belly landing).  Here is a video fly-thru of the DSM created. http://youtu.be/zcOSpTxUwZ8 

  • Hello what to do to increase the flight time?

  • Andreas, 

    Any large rubber band with roughly the same dimensions should work. #107 rubber bands look about right.

    I've also seen some people just use a bunch of regular small rubber bands (like 10-15 small bands in place of one large band.)

  • where can i find the rubber bands?

  • hello!.
    I'm curious to know more details of this external system LED that indicates the status of apm and gps and also allows the motor to catch as security.
    Thank you!

  • Christopher, I have been told by 3DR that they are working on and aerial package for the AERO.  I'm looking for the exact same thing you are.  The FPV kit really does us no good as we need a downward looking camera to make this useful for aerial photography and surveying.

  • Hi All,

    We are looking to use the 3DR Aero for aerial photogrammetry work.  We currently are using Sony NEX7 with a 16mm lens in our multi-rotors, and the Skywalker X8 airframe  with great success.  

    Is there any documentation or mounting hardware available for the Aero or even for the stock Skywalker 1900 airframe? 3D Robotics is marketing this as aerial imaging platform, but they don't sell any camera/mounting hardware nor is there any documentation.  

    Any help would greatly be appreciated, as we expect to receive our first Aero unit in a few weeks. 

  • 3D Robotics

    Hey Keith, sorry for the protracted reply. Yes, the Aero can support a downward-looking camera, depending on weight. Listed payload capacity is 2 kg. You can scope these comments for a spirited debate about that capacity, though. ;-) Hope that helps.

  • Just to follow up, I am not seeing any documentation on how, if at all, this uas can support a camera specifically for aerial mapping.

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