Iris details: #1 The 4-1 ESC/Power Module

3689543760?profile=originalWe begin the tour of Iris' guts by looking at the new 4-in-1 ESC/Power Module. Each ESC is rated at 20amps capacity and is running the SImonK firmware for enhanced response and stability. The onboard Power Module provides regulated power to the flight control board, in addition to voltage and current monitoring.

3689543688?profile=originalAn aluminum heatsink is attached to the power handling transistors


This 4-in-1 represents an elimination of 110 grams when compared to four individual ESCs, Power Module, and Power Distribution Board.

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  • Is there a 6 in 1 or 8 in 1 available ?

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    Zedtwitz: If you think SimonK is placebo, they you have clearly never tried it.

    We actually recently discovered a flaw in the APMCopter PID controller thanks to SimonK making the ESC's so sensitive that it exposed a conversion error in the PID math.

  • The quality there looks exceptional Jeroen! Very impressed!

  • @ Gary


    I completely agree the 4-1 esc with good quality ESC's is much better than all the lose ESC's. That's why I have build my own esc's with quality in mind (which requires more components and more costs) the commercial esc's are build to make it at cheap as possible. I never had one broken ESC, but if one would brake it is easly to repair. Also my flight controller is stackable only problem with that is that the ESC influence the magneto meter so which has to be mounted externally like with the APM2.6.


    Currently i'm busy with a 6-in-1 ESC for my new hexa (PCB size 100x100mm).


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  • These all in one ESCs do suffer from the fact that rather than replacing one bad ESC you have to replace all of them.

    But for a lot of cases they are still superior.

    If they can be made to be highly reliable that is much better than having disposable ESCs and the build quality and parts on this one seem to indicate it was made for a long trouble free life.

    And generally any ESC failing results in a lot of other broken bits as well so I would be happy to trade cheap replace-ability for a significant increase in reliability.

    Also, these make the whole installation neater and reduce the magnetometer interfering DC and AC EMF footprint - a lot.

    Several of the UAS multis use custom all on a PC board ESCs and some of them even have on the fly redundancy.

  • Has anyone a link to a professional solution that uses all in one esc without exchangeable single esc parts and that is actually used in serious copters?

  • @OG doesn't it already have SimonK firmware? That's what the description says at least.

  • I really like it's already SimonK flashed.  Considering you will end up mounting this in the middle how is the mag interference  - I have the Qbrain, which I actually haven't put into anything yet - I was reading that the Qbrain casing provide some decent shielding <--- not something I have confirmed or attempted to yet

  • 3 x 4in1 = coaxial hexa, with 12 motors, where ever pair is controlled by one PWM signal!:)

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    @Andy top answer

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