Iris details: #1 The 4-1 ESC/Power Module

3689543760?profile=originalWe begin the tour of Iris' guts by looking at the new 4-in-1 ESC/Power Module. Each ESC is rated at 20amps capacity and is running the SImonK firmware for enhanced response and stability. The onboard Power Module provides regulated power to the flight control board, in addition to voltage and current monitoring.

3689543688?profile=originalAn aluminum heatsink is attached to the power handling transistors


This 4-in-1 represents an elimination of 110 grams when compared to four individual ESCs, Power Module, and Power Distribution Board.

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  • MR60
    OG, is the 4 in 1 flashable with simonk ?
  • Actually, it's not that difficult to replace an SMT component if you have the right tools. It's more a question of how much the board costs and whether it's worth the effort. Also, if the heatsink is designed well and properly mounted, the chances of frying one of the FETs should be lower than with an ESC that's wrapped in heat-shrink tubing (which is a pretty good heat insulator).

  • @Andy: +1

    lol.. Nice answer ;)

  • Shyam,

    No, you turn it into a tri-copter then. :P

  • On the pessimistic side:

    if one of the ESC chip's in 4 in 1 unit burns out, the whole unit is good for a trash can?

  • OG, where this store?

  • nice..

    I'm dreaming 6-1 esc module 20/30amp with individual temperature telemetry.

    Ciao - Giuseppe

  • @TCIII

    YES ! I have a medical MJ card here in NM. Also have growers license.

    NO...nobody can be my best friend !

    Earl 100% DAV

  • MR60
    OG, i need to upgrade my 3DR 20 amps ESCs for my X8 octo, 700kv motors, 4S, 12x4,5 props
    I would like simonk firmware ln them and need a 30A max capacity per ESC. How could i achieve this with quatro's ? In parallell ? How do i connect an Atto 90A module on two quattro's ?
  • @lefebvre: Flash them with Blheli and you will like them even more :) ....

    I use 4 Skywalker 20A Esc with BLheli and they work very well. After a crash I had one motor destroyed and the corresponding ESC smoking, so I could swap that single esc (10€ at my local store). Flashing is very easy because they also have pads and i just need 2 needles (GND is connected without needle of course). I can handle 2 needles quiet well with my 2 hands on the pads. I trigger off the flash with my big toe on the left mouse button :) .... Blheli was problematic with Skywalker esc before but the last 2 revisions work very well (with braking etc). I don't know how they compare to simonK but that FW is def. an upgrade for Skywalker or quadro esc.


    Kraut Rob

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