After months of waiting to win a Solo in the giveaway, I just made my own. The angled arms are shorter with the back arms swept back to accommodate 10" propellers. The landing gear was brought in to a mount on the underside (which can still mount a Tarot gimbal) Detachable legs that work as replacements for the !ris+ legs were integrated into the mount. A mount was created for the front mount for the Tarot 2D to get absolutely zero encroachment of legs/props. A tower mounted Ublox 7N was added to match the Solo. These are, of course, 3D printed parts. I hot knifed the threaded inserts from broken Iris arms and all in all was mostly design and print. 3 months of work done.


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  • ...difference in flight chara...:)

  • I love it! How did ABS hold up during flight? Does it have have any noticable flight characteristics?


  • If I could make this fly for 5 hours I would not be tinkering in my garage. (I'd be hanging out with Elon Musk) This is an Iris+ that is modified. I can get 2km if I'm lucky. 13 minutes tops with camera attached. I am building a hexacopter that takes a 10000mah battery that may come closer to your request. 

  • I like it friend can you please help me to make same drone but condition it shuld fly for 5 hours and take pitcture and range is 10km.

  • Those two items are on backorder and will come when you Sirus is shipped...

  • Developer

    where's the solo transmitter?   or the hdmi out?   :-)

  • The esc's are the 4-in-one system in the Iris. I just tried to build similar arms to the original. I didn't even think about a flame wheel type. Probably print a lot quicker! Not a fan of PLA (accept that sweet candy smell) It is ABS (Hatchbox)


  • Cool 3d print. Is there are particular reason you encapsulated the motors themselves apart from for protection? I think it might run into overheating problems if you run it hard. Could you post some shots from underneath please, I'm interested in how you mounted the ESC's in the arms. BTW is it a ABS or PLA print?

  • Thank you. 

  • THIS is what keeps me coming here. I love your work! 

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