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  • @Jason, even Ghandi, MLK and others who tried hard were unable to make people simple logic, we'd understand the fruitlessness of making fools...less so! So many fools, so little time!

  • Hopefully DJI sales are up. That's the important thing


  • Has nothing to do with jealousy.  It's self preservation.  I want to have more leeway to fly my stuff, irresponsible pilots are something that the regulators can point to in order to take away leeway, therefore by simple logic, I want irresponsible pilots to stop being irresponsible pilots. 

  • I'm not sure which is more offensive - the behaviour itself, or the insinuation that those who object are jealous.

    On behalf of the mature adults here, I assure whomever that jealousy has nothing to do with it.

    (I'm about as jealous of Casey as I would be if he passed me on the highway doing 150 mph, swigging Jack Daniels, and giving everyone he cuts off the finger).


  • Well, predictably this Blog turned up a lot of various opinions.

    The bottom line is Casey is flagrantly breaking almost all of the FAA regulations on each flight.

    Additionally he is putting the general public generally in harms way and he is clearly well within the purview of being "commercial" so far as the FAA goes anyway.

    He, is, in fact the ultimate poster child for pretty much everything the FAA is trying to prevent.

    I honestly think eventually they will come down on him like a ton of bricks and he will get less sympathy from this group in general than he might be expecting.

    I understand and in many ways applaud his anti-establishment and anti abusive establishment message, if anything I am more of an anarchist than he is.

    But quite aside from FAA regs and political overkill what he is doing is careless, stupid and dangerous.

    He has a narrow window of opportunity which he has thoroughly exploited, but I suspect it is about to slam shut.

    For us, his actions will do nothing but make our own situation regarding public opinion, the politicians, the media and the FAA - worse.

  • @ Dusan

    I think this site has its share of jealousy. People enjoy thinking and adapting their ideas to the UAS field and are critical of other people’s implementation. The guy is a celebrity, I can’t quantify his value to society and I can’t see myself doing the same thing. But if he’s paid an obscene amount of money for a task that doesn’t break his moral values I can’t blame him for doing it. I just don’t like seeing this stuff getting more money than good products or research. Every great idea that get’s posted to this website I am jealous of, but it is more infuriating when the bad ones have more success. 

  • Casey isn't drone pilot, he is just using a drone as tool in his video production. If that make any sense. Rules will get more and more rigorous, regardless of one or few individuals acting irresponsibly. Same happened withautomobile industry. I don't approve on all his drone videos but call to report him to FAA is a bit too much. Am I the only one that sense a bit Jealousy in this videos and comments? In most cases he produces 7-9 min videos and uses about less than 30 sec of drone footage in each video. Even if he stop using drone footage he will still have same following. If anything you can learn from him how to make compelling format and possibly get a larger audience, more subscribers, and everything coming with that. 

  • Finally, something diydrones can comment on.  Unfortunately, bending the rules is the only way the quad copter industry is going to manetain its 12 figure valuations.

  • That's probably a better option.  I talked to my local FSDO, which is the flight standards district office.  Reason I did that is because I know the guy that works there.

  • Is this the correct link?

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