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  • Very nice. I like the airframe and looked to handle nicely in typical Melbourne weather.
  • The wind doesn't bother me, I've flown this in the wind and I don't use IR sensors!
  • Looks nice, it'll be good to see how it performs up in Kingaroy's famous winds :D
  • Thanks good luck with yours.
  • Thanks man
  • Moderator
    You are taking amateur UAV platform to Pro level... Love it.
  • Moderator
    Yes! Gorgeous plane and power!
  • Developer
    I'm in love with that plane! nice work.
  • Thanks - to answer some of your questions

    1. Yes, I build the plugs, moulds and composite parts myself
    2. Yes, it was raining a bit but at least not windy
  • Very nice. Was it actually raining?
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