jDrones News: jD-IOBoard goes MAVLink


jDrones NEWS: IOBoard goes MAVLink 1.0

Time has come to make another exciting release. New software has been released for our mini IOBoard. With this software you are not anymore depending on static flashes, blinks and other patterns.

We made blog post about basic jD-IOBoard few weeks ago and you can read it in here. Now it just get's better and better.

jD-IOBoard now listens full MAVLink 1.0 protocol and acts depending on flight modes. Currently we are supporting ArduCopter and ArduPlane style flight modes but more has been planned. Basically all MAVLink compatible systems works fine with this.

Big thanks to Michael Oborne for his great jD-IOBoard Confgurator program that allows users easily to configure and test play different patterns. Michael is the man behind Mission Planner and also OSD Configurator. 


On configurator you can create 16 step patterns and 8 patterns that can be binded on different flight modes. On right hand side of every pattern you have Test box where you can simulate your pattern. Just click Test and then change on/off positions to get your desired outcome. 

With Configurator you can also upload our latest HEX files from Arducodes repository.

Here is quick demo video of how it works in real-life with 3 different patterns. 

Currently we are only allowing REAR pattern to be changed but in future there will be others coming too. 

You can always find latest HEX and other files from our: Arducodes repository (jD-IOBoard 1.4 MAVLink. HEX)

Latest Configurator can always been downloaded from our: Software repository  (Setup.EXE). Setup file is available on our Arducodes repository too.

Configurator has builtin update feature installed so it will make sure that you always have latest version of it. Source code is on our repository.

jD-IOBoard can be found from our store at and also from our distributors around world. 

Have fun with your flashing lights. Evenings are getting darker but planes and copter more brighter.


Jani / jDrones

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  • It might be worth mentioning, that although the diagrams show that high drain ports D3, D10 & D9 are PWM, so are normal outputs D5, D6 and D11.  Can this be added to the diagrams please Jani ?

  • Yes.  When the configurator failed I tried to upload the test software with the Arduino IDE.    The IDE failed to contact the bootloader .  I got the sync error

  • Developer

    Jerry, did you try to upload test softwares with Arduino IDE? xray does not do anything for the software inside. There seem to be some problem with ArduinoTK library that we are using on IOBoard and OSD configurators. We are trying to find what is wrong with this library.

  • Jani,  I just received my ioboard.  I have no bootloader activity at all.

    It's DOA.  Can  I get a cross shipped replacement ?  Are there instances of xray devices at airports corrupting firmware ?  If that happened my package would have to be extremely close to the radiation source.

    Bummer.. I was hoping to get telemetry working this weekend. 

  • Jani, i already have Xbee and jd-miniosd. Do you thing that the telemetry port would support a 1:3 fanout to add this board?.

    Is there any issue to have this in parallel with the Xbee adapter?



  • Developer

    Chris, IOBoard optimized LED strips are on store now. You can choose your own length and color.

  • Developer

    New test software is available now on our google code repository. It has now support for FrSky telemetry too. What it does, software takes MAVLink messages and processes them normally. Same time some of the messages are converted to FrSky HUB protocol and they are feeded out from IOBoard pin D5/D6.

    Minimum setup for it is that you need to connect D5 to your receivers telemetry RX port. 

    Have fun and if you test it, please give feedback on how it works for you. 

  • Developer

    Chris, yes we will add ready made strips too with kit sets. You can choose length of your strips

  • Distributor

    Can't beat HK on prices! :)
    But make sure you get the 5050, they are bigger and brighter than the 3528 usually sold cheaper.

  • 3D Robotics
    Thanks, Dany. Unfortunately I already found them in the HobbyKing US warehouse for $5/meter. Next time I'll try your shop first!
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