jDrones News: MultiMount for multicopters.

We are proud to reveal another exciting new product from jDrones. We have been working hard and long with this new product and now finally it is available to all people who need highend mounts for their multicopter needs.

Mount has been designed to use with several widely used arm types. It can be used with round tubes of 10mm and 12mm of diameter. Is also fits on all 10, 12, 15mm square tubes.

Mount have rubber cushions that will make your motors run smoothly and silently. All normal motors that have so called X mount adapter (40mm end-to-end) fits on this mount. First you mount your motor on it's adapter and then adapter mounts on top of MultiMount cushions.

You can also use it on coaxial setups as shown in following picture


For technojunkies we have cool looking installation manual (thanks to Max Levine). Manual that is really clean and easy to follow, it just cannot get any simpler than this.


MultiMount specs:

  • Fits on: Round tube 10, 12mm / Square tube 10, 12, 15mm
  • Material: CNC Milled aluminum
  • Vibration dampening: Custom neoprene rubber
  • Motors: all motors that have X mount adapter with 33mm hole spacing (most of them have)
  • Weight: 17gr
  • Size: 35 x 35mm

Set Includes:

  • 4 x custom rubber grommet
  • 4 x custom alu inserts
  • 4 x M3*12 washerhead screws
  • 4 x lock washers
  • 4 x M3 nuts
  • 2 x M3*12mm screws, Black
  • 2 x M3*20mm screws, Black
  • 1 x MultiMount upper block
  • 1 x MultiMount lower block

You can get them from jDrones Store: MultiMount MMSET2 

Design by: Max Levine & jDrones

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  • Developer

    As stated on assembly guide and general specs, they are designed for 10, 12.5, 15 mm square tubes and 10, 12 mm round tubes what most of multicopters around to world are using. 3DR quad have massive 19mm arms which these mounts cannot be fit like Chris said. 

    Reason why original ArduCopter was designed to use 12.5mm arms is that they are same size as normal 1/2" "handtovel" bars that you can find basically from every hardware store around the world.

  • 3D Robotics

    I just got a bunch of these and they're really well made. But warning for those with 3DR copters, which use the larger aluminum arms: these won't fit. They're designed for the thinner Jdrones arms. 

  • A comparison between this system and one simple without dampening would be great. Sometimes adding a dampening system can get it worse. I give up with the dampening on the motors, I'm trying this dampening direct to the camera gimbal: 


    The idea it's taken from the cinestar gimbal dampening accessory. It uses rubber rings. I use it with a mktr pro gimbal clone. Tomorrow I will test it.

  • Thanks both for that info, I've never seen these mounts so didn't realise that they would pull apart. Oh well back to the drawing board.

    I like Jani's mounts very much, but am on a tight budget.

  • Yes, those mounts are designed to be compressed, not used in tension.  I've seen somebody use them, but it complicates matters greatly.  Now, vibration damping ring mounts can be used in tension.

  • Developer

    @Martin, you can't use them, the motor will rip the metal part out..

  • Has anyone tried to make a more economic solution using rubber anti-vibration spacers  and a couple of X motor mount adaptors.

    One adaptor plate wouuld be mounted to the standard J-drones polycarbonate motor mount already fixed to the copter arm, the other to the motor, with 4 rubber anti vibration spacers joining  the two plates together.

    I was thinking of these using these isolating spacers.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts.


  • Developer

    Todd, look in this post, it just small plywood box.

  • if only they were cheaper :(

    do they come in sets for coaxial? or do i have to buy 2 normal sets and throw away the bottom parts

  • I like the incorporation of grommets.


    And it looks familar here too :)


    (yes, those are "loose" rubber dampeners for now...)

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