jDrones News: Updates on ArduCopter motors

In last 6 months we have been working directly with 5 different motor factory and finally it's starting to be "harvesting" time for all the efforts. Because of that we are happy to start share more about these upcoming changes.

First visible thing is that we are doing re-versioning on our original ArduCopter motors and working in generally on new multicopter motor product lines. We have changed all our motors to be Black. Original ArduCopter motors are the first one to get this coloring scheme and more will come.

To identify original AC2830-358 and AC2836-358 is always been easy as they had jDrones sticker/marking on them, now it's even more easier.

These new motors are in full production and old pink/yellowish motors are not available anymore from us. 

There are some other internal changes done too for these motors. 

Also after been working long and hard with our motor factories, we have been able to hit new record low rates on mechanical failure on our motors.

Next step will be releasing new line of motors in following weeks so stay tuned. 

Jani / jDrones

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  • Gabriel: I can confirm you can. I just went through 3 packs with 3 purple and 1 black 850Kv motors and flight characteristics were unchanged. They're all awesome little motors. Thanks Dany and Jani!

  • Distributor

    As Dany I have only been selling the black motors for the past month or so here in the UK / EU, they look great and I have had no issues with them, it's great to see that the colours have changed so the cheaper motors sold by other suppliers don't get confused with the "Jdrones motors", I see a lot of dealers around the web selling the cheaper (old colour) motors at the higher prices as they looked the same as the old yellow and pink motors from J drones.


    Thanks Jani & Team, keep up the hard work! Bigger motors........... ;)





  • What about a direct prop mount, instead of the poor way the props are mounted today ? - with bulky prop adapters and shaft that are both prone to bending ?

  • Distributor

    CanadaDrones only sell the new Black jDrones motors for quite some time, great feedback on them, users reported less noise/vibration, better performance overall and only 1 RMA to date (screw with no threads on it!) 

    so I can say that Jani effort really paid off, the quality is there for the same awesome price. 

    Thanks Jani and all the folks at


  • Good news.

    just a small question - will you have a MORE powerful motor than the 2836 ?

  • Developer

    That's a really good question. And are prepared for that. 

    If your original motors are from jDrones (pink/yellowish) with jDrones sticker on it, yes you can replace it with these. If you order motor directly from us, we have small backup reserve of old colored motors in stock but you need to request that specific during checkout/email.

  • ok first question is if I burn out one (which I have) can I replace it with the new model or do I have to replace all 4 to make it even ?

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