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    Two sides to this:

    Startups overselling and promising unproved or even non existing technology.. very bad.

    People not understanding the principle and inherent risk associated with a kickstarter pledge, also bad.

  • Here is an older (2012)  study on KS success rates...

    The actual study is here...

    Infographic here...


  • don't forget the moller sky car..

    and the rc version that flies for a whole 8 mins at 10lbs and for the low, low price of $5599.00


    Actually Fly the M400X Skycar Into History!
    Become part of the team for the historic first flight of a manned, untethered, Moller M400X Skycar...and even fly aboard as part of the on-board test…
  • Hmmmm.

  • I'm guessing 90%

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    Remember when pocket drone kicked off the rot. There was 10 million invested by Joe public already back then. Keeping the feature list down and managing expectations is hard me thinks. I wrote somewhere else that I couldn't believe that the specs of the unreleased Lilly were being compared to the Phantom X concept. Two made up platforms going head to head in a virtual specs standoff. I know a fellow who I tried to warn off Lilly, his answer to are you sure its going to be able to do all that was, well it would be illegal for them to not bring it to market.... Perhaps if the kickstarter had to refund double on failure wild claims would drop. I don't follow other things on crowd funding sites. Does anybody know the general failure rate ?

  • In the end the entire industry is going to be like that of the car companies and many others (there were 1800 US car makers in the early 1900's).

    A guy today told me he trusts SNAP - so he ordered one of those (pre-ordered). 

    I would say PT Barnum was right - but apparently he didn't make that "sucker" quote and actually gave people a lot for their money. 

    I do think we can say a fool and his money are often separated prematurely. Or, that people are dreamers. 


    I remember when  Rob_Lefebvre posted that.

    I seen it at C.E.S. and knew it wasn't gonna fly, especialy cuz they had 1 in a case and the other in the spokesmans hand. never flew one time. should have seen his expression change when I brought up diydrones. rofl lmao


  • RC flying has now gone from a hobby to a multi billion dollar business, & is finally becoming a poster for infomercial ripoffs.  Unless one of the weekly battery breakthroughs comes true or Facebook makes a $50 billion offer for the FAA regulation comment threads, it might become a hobby again.

  • Pfff... Poor investions in fake products was downed.
    Sun rising at East
    Jappz wold be concurent w China trught hundrds blns of investment.

    Big bozz of all japii Abe says:

    ////Investment is the key to a productivity revolution and it is through investment that we will lead the world in realizing a fourth industrial revolution. I believe that the challenge for a fourth industrial revolution is all about speed. Autonomous driving, drones, and the healthcare and medical fields are all promising fields in which safety and convenience can be achieved together. In the forum of this dialogue we will move quickly to determine specific measures in these fields.

    ////we will aim to make parcel delivery by drone a reality, as soon as three years from now. For this purpose the government will immediately establish the Public-Private Council, in which users and the relevant ministries and agencies will discuss the specific structural and systemic requirements.

    ////we will make it possible for drones and construction machinery to be operated and for data to be sent and received remotely from more distant locations than before. To achieve this goal, by summer next year we will develop new telecommunications infrastructure, including the expansion of usable frequency bands and enhanced output capacity.

    Big game begun !

    Public-Private Dialogue towards Investment for the Future (The Prime Minister in Action) | Prime Mi…
    The Prime Minister in Action - Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
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