Landing a Quad on a moving car via FPV

I tried to do something different this time: land a quad on a moving car.

After 2 unsuccessful attempts (crashes), the quadcopter finally did a smooth landing on the roof of the moving car.


The RC quad was controlled from the inside of the car using a 7" monitor (480x234 pixels) for FPV. Video was transmitted directly from the onboard GoPro2. A GoPro3 was mounted on the top of the car.


The quadcopter used a simple Multiwii controller board with acc + gyro. The PIDs weren´t tuned so the flight wasn´t very stable.


WARNING: this was recorded on a closed course without other vehicles or pedestrians.

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  • why over thinking it? keep it simple,less thing to go worng.if you must a trap with two nets that fold upward to capture the land on the trigger and bam it closes.


  • Just a little dreaming: how about automatic precision land?

    Using follow-me for the approach over the (moving) landing platform and then use some kind of precision (few centimeters) positioning device to bring it down.

    Maybe something like a downward facing camera + pattern recognition + optical markings on the landing platform, inspired by this 10-year old paper:

  • velcro

  • Yeah

    Regarding the net idea, the reason I though a net is, it both give much more catch loops, and also if its high enuf off the roof (compared to the feet) it may avoid some paint scratching contact, or cushion a rough impact.

    But video.


  • That´s nice too Morli! Could even try it with a plane hhehehe

    I had to put the antenna upright because if it was on the most horizontal position, it would be closer to the quad, at the level of the props, so no good

  • Hahhahaah nice idea of the aircraft carrier Paul

    Harry, the first landing cost me a scratch on the roof because the aluminum boom hit it =/

    Jesse, that´s right. On the 2 first landings, the propellers hit the antenna so I lost lift and I crashed.

  • Admin

    Agreed ,  Quad and Car antennas don't  go along :). Last landing was soft  enough for moving platform.

    No need for net and hook , just  tie nylon or fishing lines across two roof rails one feet spaced. say 4 or 5 of those should cover the roof length. When Quad drops, the leg/s get caught/hooked to the line and  you are fine when applying break to the car too.

    Cheers & Good luck ( don't drop the quad too hard on the car , repairing the roof dent would be more expensive.)

  • Looked like it crashed onto the car as it hit the antenna, as opposed to a "soft" landing. But it did make it safely!

  • You do that on my car and there will be trouble. :)

  • Regarding follow me...could you use a second GPS compass in MP and set that as a dynamic home? So it continually tries to update its home location?

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