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  • The Hobbyking laser ranger is not fast enough work while in motion, nor are the other golf and hunting type laser range finder. The Bosch is fast enough however and it has a nice TTL level serial connection you can interface with your computer. The best and most economical laser is the Laser Technology S200. It goes out to a mile, works while in motion and returns ranges at an adjustable 1-64hz. It is lightweight and small in size. Cost is $1100 for the module only. I can install this system into a Pixhawk or APM as a collision avoidance system with arduino running some custom code and interfacing with the APM mavlink. The project is fairly straightforward. The method of operation is the module is always pointing at the next waypoint...and anything seen inside the automated flight path will prompt a flight path and/or altitude adjustment until the obstacle is no longer in the flight path. 

  • I was able to hack the protocol on an opti logic 400LH.

    It spits out serial data on one of the internal pins...

    more details here:

  • Developer

    No, I don't think anybody has managed to do that yet. 

  • is it possible to interface this with arduino uno or mega???

  • Finally, anybody hacked this rangefinder??? I thik that the "easiest" way its with the lcd and a logic analyzer.

  • I bought this range finder I opened it up I think the easyest way to hack it is through lcd cable because it's 7 segment its hackable ,
  • For a laser range finder I have used laser pen and a webcam to be accurate to 15cm with range limited by the camera (resolution) and laser (dot visibility - yes night makes it better)
    Also created a 3D scanner using a cocktail stirer, laser pen and webcam (£3 cost in total :D).

    Unfortunately these were both done using a desktop PC and and until I can snag a SMD camera that i can easily use I will not be able to begin to "UAV" the setups. I am still trying to mix the hardware setup to produce both range and scans with one laser but the 3D scan requires an altered laser line.
    ColinOrd has source code shown and his attempts. Setup is more important as you can skew the scan.
    Danko has source code and how to calibrate the setup. Works straight off the bat.
    VB.NET Shop
  • for a more complete altitude mesuring system you could use a hacked one of these and a ultrasonic range finder for closer to the ground making atonomus landings much safer
  • Procerus has removed their price but it was only $700.
  • Thanks Mike

    Kayalar - that's some cool stuff there!
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