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3689505297?profile=originalYou may have noticed some slight design changes here over the past day, which are simply me band-aiding a situation where the external site that hosted some of our design files shut down, leaving a bunch of broken images and mangled CSS here. For now I've reverted to some native Ning design features and brought back an old header (above), but this strikes me as a good time to start the process of a proper redesign. 

In Spring, Ning (which we're hosted on) will roll out a bunch of new design and functionality features, which should improve things here considerably. It still won't perfect, especially for very long comment threads, so we're going to launch some new forums for product/software discussion/support on the new manual/wiki site that we'll be previewing in a few weeks. These new forums will be based on a very good WordPress forum plug-in, so they should be a big step up from what we've currently got. And by pushing product/technical support to a separate site, DIY Drones can focus more on its original function on news and discussion about civilian UAVs and technology in general. 

In the meantime, it's time to update our header. So I'd like to launch a competition for the best design. The winner will get an APM 2.5+.


  • Create a rectangular graphic (width 955 1,000 pixels, height anything from 100 to 200 pixels) that will replace the above. 
  • The name should stay the same ("DIY Drones") but the tagline should change to "Amateur UAVs, Contests, Products and More" Revision: I've had advice to lead with "community", so let's try this: "The Leading Community for Amateur and Civilian UAVs" Another revision! After yet more advice, let's go with "The leading community for personal UAVs"You can use any style you think looks best (caps or lowercase).
  • There should be some image of a UAV. Ideally, it should look cool and "drone-like" but not look military or threatening. Fixed wing or multicopter, it's up to you.
  • Post your submissions in the comments below
  • The competition will run one month, until March 23rd

Last time we did this, back in 2010, we got some great submissions. I'm looking forward to seeing what the design talent in this community can come up with this time!

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  • @tim   I hadn't seen the pipe sandwiched in commas--my bad. Yes certainly Google would have filtered this. I merely saw the customer service sodominal reference.

    @dr fascist fingers or mere puritanism, colonial kurtz would have judged it the same.

    [text deleted by moderator, author notified.]

  • Staying on topic.... +1 for Petrus (first image, with colors from the 4th as others have said). I submitted a design (2nd page in this thread), but yours definitely tops it! :-)

  • Thanks for the support Kevin.

    I have no issue with people complaining about 3DR customer service.  Just no need to be rude about it. Like I said we are adults, so let's act like adults. Also they were referring to Kernal Panic's rude comment.  I asked Mark to remove his response to it, as it was not necessary with the offending comment gone, and Mark kindly complied.

  • Actually, the original post did contain two commas, a pipe and two more commas, so I'd call that a graphic depiction of an obscene gesture (pun intended)! ;)

  • My wife moderates a local community bulletin board and they are a lot more conservative than this one.

    I periodically get mad at what I perceive as DIYDrones customer response inadequacies.

    And they are remarkably tolerant of a significant amount of abuse.

    Nonetheless, name calling, personal attacks and referencing obscene gestures is not something that any reasonable or responsible moderator can afford to let go by.

    If we don't police this web site ourselves, Google will most certainly do it for us.

  • @Mark

    Regarding the post of that guy upset with customer service which was deleted by the moderator. It had no graphic of a middle finger. Deleting spam is one thing, deleting angry customers comments is more questionable than customers posting angry content. Anger is an emotion that all adults express & deleting his posts is not going make his anger any less so. 99% of these posts are not going to achieve anything in particular.

  • +1 for everyone who has said- Don't leave out the Rovers in the tag line. 

    I think they might end up being the star of the show.

  • Moderator

    +1 for Marooned's comment about the colors.

    +1 for Petrus, nice!

  • It was meant to be a response to his action and representation on here not that he was born that way... just a hope for a civil dialog and not posting middle fingers at people and companies as that will never result in what he is really hoping to achieve.

  • 3692636024?profile=original

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