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A drone to reforest Brazil

We spend the last month in Brazil in the University of Rondonopolis to build a drone for large scale restoration.

This is the video of the construction process. It can sow up to 10 kg of coated seeds in 10 minutes in 1 hectare.

Dronecoria was invited by the university to use the technology of drones to face the wildfires and illegal logging that are devastating the region, and investigate how drones could be useful in the seeding tasks.

The pilot project was developed as a workshop in drone building, repairing, and seed coating, to provide to the university with a powerful tool to experiment and investigate with aerial sowing procedures to deploy after the tests in the experimentation site.

The frame is open source, and we use Pixhawk as flight controller.
You can get more info in our site: or in our social networks: linkedin, instagram, facebook or twitter.

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