Low Voltage warning LEDS


Untitled from charlie soppelsa on Vimeo.

This little gizmo has saved my bacon on many occasions.



Multirotors tend to fall out of the sky with no warning if you let your lipo go flat. I use strip LEDs as navigation aids to help orientation. The snag is they are very power hungry, one metre of LED strip draws about 0.5 amps, this takes a big chunk out of your flying time. To reduce power consumption I flash the LED's on a 1:10 duty cycle reducing the current consumption by 90%


The controller can handle upto 3 metres of LED's. It is powered off the main flight battery and monitors it's voltage. It can be set for 2-4S batteries. When the battery voltage drops to a preset level (3.3 volts per cell) the LED's flash fast to warn you to land. So, hopefully no more death dives.


I'm thinking of build some neat and tidy surface mount versions, I was wondering if anybody would be interested in buying them ?

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  • mm2, I take Sebastians point, although it's not that simple for people unfamiliar with software hacks and Mosfets, buffering etc and just want a simple plug and play unit. Don't forget, lots of Multirotors don't have the benefits of a ACM. So I'm going to get a few units built, let you know when there done.

  • I would be interrested

  • mm a little hack and APM can do this for you with just a FET as additional hardware (which is a few cents...)


    (don't blame me for not posting it, I have already and Jose julio did, too )

  • Developer

    Looks like you have a useful product! Go for production!  Get LED strips from China! strip of 60 for $5.00  Good Luck! This will also extend lipo life... HK has a great little warning device for 2 - 4 cells with 2 loud alarms and flashing lights, but you can not set low voltage values so it is not as useful. 

  • nice.. if the price is right I like to buy too

  • the answer is YES!

    very useful feature, also on those little, night-flying epo wings we use to fly after the sunset

  • If the price is acceptable I would buy it right now since I already have some dead dives :-(
  • I by my LED strips in the UK from Robotbirds or Giantcod, about £10 metre.

  • Yes, this is amazing, I would love to have some on my quad. 

  • GREAT IDEA!  I would like several.  What led strips did you use?

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