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  • Jim, way you use 2 motor ? redundance ?

  • Can I ask how you got APM and mission planner to trigger the photos?

    We have tried to get the trigger to work at waypoints and it didn't work.

    Also, do you have a log of your nag course? How strait did your plane have to fly for this?



  • Bravo Jim!

    This is a reward for your four years of effort.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Awesome stuff. It got inspired and I just might be building a new UAV plane this summer on top of my multirotor experiments. :) 

  • Impresionante lo que estas desarrollando con tu ala, es algo que para mi todavia es como un suenno el cual no tengo idea de como llegar a cumplirlo pues es algo totalmente nuevo para mi y eso es emocionante. Tengo que sacar el tiempo y empezar a aprender del tema.  No he podido terminar la nueva ala de epp pues inicie la construccion de 4 naves mas. Estoy muy contento pues al final voy a poder tener 5 plataformas de vuelo para mi trabajo. 3 son Alas volantes.

  • eduardo, flight autonomy are approximately 40 minutes with 10000 mha, Carries more tests later. I e seen your blog is very interesting your project I like your wing x260, very good flying ability. in the future I would like flight durations similar to yours.

    Will Arrington this is by the result from the use of two software Agisoft PhotoScan and GlobalMapper

    John A. Malley

    just use a 20mp camera with 20mm lens, and also use the mission planner application of geotagging (CTRL + F)

    Alfred Alan jr

    gracias Alfred, ya estoy avanzando mas en mi proyecto los resultados son aceptables.. y como va tu proyecto?

  • Moderator

    Nice work and good results, your navigation tuning looks great.. try a larger WP radius and you turns will be better.

  • Excelente Jimmy!

    Y que Buena musica tambien.


  • I second the request for more information about the mapping. Are you using a sensor of some kind? Or an application to resolve height differences from stereo image comparisons, knowing the lat/long of the camera and its height above ground? Inquiring minds want to know!  Your results are fantastic.

  • it will be great to know more about the mapping process you have there.

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