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  • Can those setup be provided higher availability once the any one motor is failed?

  • Machinery Max,

    There are two bearings in the stator, top and bottom, they are giving me problems.  They are 4 mm inside for the shaft and 7 mm outside which slips loosly into a soft metal liner in the stator.  I removed the end of the liner and installed an 8 mm bearing but it doesn't fit well.  I am going to chuck it into the lathe and take it out to accept a press fit 10 mm bearing.  The small bearings will not take the force required to remove the shaft without damage but does seem to fly ok.  Due to the length of the shafts balancing is critical.  I balance the hub and prop together which isn't very difficult to do, the same with the bell and prop as a unit.

    The upper bell has two bearings that support it very nicely and run very smooth and straight, the hub diameter is 12 mm and the prop has to be bored out to 12 mm which reduces the selection of available props with a large center hub.  This motor has a lot of potential.  It is really to large and powerful for the size multicopters I am flying, this Y6 weighs 3 lbs. 3 oz. without the battery and flies really great even with bad bearing causing hick-ups and sometimes singing to me. 

    I also made a new prop washer, the stock washer is huge and rest on the blades and not the hub of the prop.  I removed some material from the upper bell to match the diameter of the new washer.



  • Ed Kirk.. For some reason I find that second video quite mesmerising!

  • is it possible to add a bearing between the shafts somewhere near the props? the inner one looks too thin without support. isn't there a friction between shafts?

  • This is a great motor setup for a Y6, X8 or like my other coaxial setup which is a tricopter with much smaller motors.   It is a blast to fly and carries a GoPro very well even when attached under the rear motor.


  • Yeah, tell us about motors please.

  • The motors are from HobbyKing,

     I knew they were going to be a lot of work but wanted to give them a try, no pain no gain.  The stationary bearings in the lower part are 4 mm X 7 mm, very small, way too small for this motor.  I damaged one of the bearings during setup and installed a 4 mm X 8 mm.  I am going to remove the motors and machine them out to 10 mm to help with the load.  Otherwise their performance is awesome, to much motor for this application.  The sound reflects the raw power of these motors.

    It is much easier to put the second motor on the bottom.


  • Nice, which motor used ?

  • Are those the motors that HK sells?  The reviews were not very good.

    Personally, I think it's easier and more reliable to just mount two motors coaxially.

  • Now that's a cool setup.

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